Ex-Witness singles?

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  • seven006

    My last relationship was with an exJW woman I had met at Alan F's house. We were together for two years. We have been apart for two.

    She has a great heart. I miss her sometimes. I miss her kids. She is another silent lambs type victim but the worst case I have ever heard. She never got over it or got any help. It has destroyed a beautiful woman who had a beautiful soul.

    Some people are just too afraid to try and get fixed.

    Never again.


  • Xena

    So what Dave you lumping all ExJW women into one disfunctional group?

  • Ephanyminitas

    Hi, Flower. ^_^;; I'm a single student in the southern U.S. I'm a 24-year-old hoping to run into a Miss Right at some point in life, and it'd be great if she was an ex-JW too (though I'm not exactly "ex" yet). Here's my mugshot (I can't be held resonsible for any monitors that are broken as a result of seeing this photograph):

    Fortunately, though, my glasses are much smaller and trendier these days! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to hide behind my question mark again!

  • seven006


    If you have read any of my posts you know I am adamantly against any kind of lumping together of anybody in an effort to label who someone is, and how they may think.

    I guess I didn't think I looked at it that way or as such an absolute conclusion. Your response made me realize that my comments seemed to indicate that. It is very possible that I am a little bias in this one respect. Even though I may have good reason to see it this way it isn't completely fair.

    It's something for me to think about and I meant no disrespect.

    Thank you for making me think about this from another perspective. A person can never stop learning about themselves. Maybe it's time for me to chill out a little and reexamine how I think about this subject.

    Take care and thanks again,


  • chappy

    Divorced single white ex-JW male, southeastern US, seeks single, beautiful, intelligent, understanding, self-sufficiant, openminded female with no hangups[8>] ;----ummmm just make that female.

    e-mail: chappy

  • Xena

    Seperated Ex-JW woman in Texas seeks single, handsome, intelligent, understanding, self-sufficiant, openminded male with no commitment issues. [8>]

    No problems Dave,

    I just consider myself a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul who is a survivor....

    But that is just me

  • hungarian xjw
    hungarian xjw

    hungarian xjw male 34yrs

  • flower


    I got the same impression as Xena did from your post although I'm sure you didnt mean it to sound that way. Some of us screwed up xjw SL women actually are working on 'fixing' ourselves. I've learned so much from the whole experience that I think I'm a better human being because of it and will eventually make a good partner to someone...'eventually' being the key word lol.



    Nice picture. Modest, attractive, goal-oriented..all good qualities. Now you can give me a good explanation behind your handle maybe we can talk... For now I'll just call you E cause I cant remember how to spell that!

    Btw, I'm 29 and on the east coast..E-mail me, [email protected]



    WE R all individuals -- I feel if it is GODs will we all will eventually meet that special someone (opposite sex of course) and GOD will pair us up -- in the meantime I try to just chill...

  • neyank


    What's a commitment issue?


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