CANADA: Jehovah's Witnesses appoint female 2015 District Convention Co-ordinator ???

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  • darkspilver

    Hi steve2

    As any editor worth their salt would say, Don't assume, ask. Or play it safe by not using pronouns!

    Actualy, any newspaper worth their salt would have a sub (CA/US: copy editor)

    (and let's face it - Cornwall Seaway News themselves refered to Lynn as a 'he' in their own article last year)

    I know it's only a 'free community' paper, but still, facts-should-be-facts.

    That's all folks!

    DarK SpilveR

  • _Morpheus
    Althoug its very telling that all exjw's KNEW right away it had to be a male lynn bit the copy editor, uneducated in jw misogyny, naturally saw no problem with lynn being a woman and a program coordinator.
  • darkspilver

    HI _Morpheus

    naturally saw no problem with lynn being a woman and a program coordinator.

    these days, especially, nothing should be presumed, everything should be checked and confirmed.... or it should be rewritten to avoid the problem, simples ;)

    I wonder if they even have the Chicago Manual of Style up in Cornwall?....

    That's all folks!

    DarK SpilveR

    PS: actually to be fair, it was probably a badly worded press release, but still should have been checked, even with their own stories, so they match up.

  • steve2

    You are inviting trouble if you give your kid an androgynous first name. Lynn's parents should have given him a definitely patriarchal - better yet, masculine - first name such as Rocky, Todd or Buster. No reader would ever wonder, he or she? Away with this androgynous stuff!

  • SafeAtHome
    My maternal grandfather's name was Lynn. My brother was named after the two grandfathers with Lynn being his middle name. He married a wonderful, kind, giving woman whose middle name also happens to be Lynn. Just a bit of my family trivia probably of interest to no one here, but enough to identify me to any stiil in family lurkers who may be here. Unfortunately, ***** Lynn and ****** Lynn stiil drink the JW koolaid.
  • pbrow

    morpheus ... just giving you shit... no offense intended....

    millie... just a little venting is all... your point is not lost on me


  • Phizzy

    Do the JE Conventions really pump Millions of $$$ into the local economy as these articles say ?

    Thousands of $ yes, but 3 or 4 Million ?

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