CANADA: Jehovah's Witnesses appoint female 2015 District Convention Co-ordinator ???

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  • sowhatnow
    maybe the writer gave this lynn person an assumed title
  • millie210

    Morpheus appears to just be stating facts to me.

    As for accuracy however, Paul was a lawyer not a herder.

    I understand the need some have to play up one side of things while denigrating the other side.

    Terms like "desert god" and "goat herder" come to mind.

    I think they are good for a chuckle.

    Where things go wrong is when we use them so commonly that we get sloppy as to our accuracy.

    We already know the JWs dont tell the truth - shouldnt we try to rise above that by being as factual as possible?

  • NVR2L8
    Anyone remember Lynn Swan...I would not call him a girl...
  • _Morpheus
    @pbrow- i was merely stating the jw view of things not representing my own view. My mock gasp at the "handling of money" remark reflects the fact that my mother is significant person in local area finance and, dispite her accomplishments professionally and the tens of millions of dollars she is responsible for daily, she couldnt handle a thousand bucks of JW money. Irony.
  • bemused

    It's a he according to this article (which includes a reference to Jesus becoming ruler of God's Kingdom in 1914 - it looks particularly mad when stated as plainly as it is here).

  • mana11

    A woman cannot hold a microphon.

    A Woman cannot be a convention Coordinator.

    Notice the Full Stop after each.

    Just Imagine a Sister walking down the isle, Tight skirt, Loose Skirt, Perfume Wafting about, Standing pointing a mike at a brother watching him get an erection, as she reaches accross the seats to get to the bro, Impossible, Never going to happen. Of Course the GB may approve it if one of them enjoyed it a little.

  • Vidiot

    Morpheus - "A mistake in pronoun selection by the paper."

    "Lynn" can be - on very rare occasions - a man's name.

  • Vidiot

    John Aquila - "They are only allowed to handle something that looks like a microphone. With batteries."

    Pretty sure the WTS doesn't even want them to handle those, either.

    Not that forbidding them would do much good; some sisters probably depend on them.

    On a related note, they more resemble flashlights; in fact, when my kids stumbled across my wife's, that's what they thought it was, at first.

    Then they tried to turn it on, and decided it was more like a lightsaber.

  • _Morpheus
    @vidiot - i was affirimng that indeed the "lynn" in question is a man and that the paper must have made a mistake in using the pronoun "she". It was confirmed beyond doubt on page two that the lynn in question was is a man as i stated originally.
  • steve2

    The "Lynn" in question is indeed a male elder who is described on the above link as the coordinator of the local body of elders.

    The newspaper must have received a printed news release from Lynn Hess and simply assumed Lynn was a female.

    As any editor worth their salt would say, Don't assume, ask. Or play it safe by not using pronouns!

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