Is The Governing Body EVIL?

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  • Farkel


    : While this is good for all to review the issues, you and I need to figure out exactly on which issues we disagree.

    We both agree that the WTS has continued to harm people and is continuing to harm people right now. We both agree that information needs to be provided to honest-hearted JWs that lets them see the total picture, not just what the WTS tells them. We both agree that once JWs are able to study this information, then they have all that they need to make an informed stand to stay in their religion, or to leave.

    Other than that, any miscellaneous disagreements we may or may not have is moot, I think.


  • TMS

    this interesting discussion included these telling, apropos words from Pathofthorns:

    It is the belief that this is "God's Organization" that is at the root of all of these problems. Everyone is expendible to protect it, and nothing is too evil in the end if it is considered for the greater good of the Organization.
    IMHO, the above mindset allows the GB to function oblivious to the human wreckage their policies generate.

    If "evil" is too strong a word, then calloused, insensitive, heartless are available adjectives.

    Even the world's beastly gov'ts recognize when economic policies inflict hardships on the citizenry and enact countermeasures, relief. Military excesses or civil right's abuses call for reparations.

    When companies feel forced to make brutal economic cutbacks, longterm employees are offered substantial buyouts.

    These are typical human responses when tough decisions are made that adversely effect others.

    But the WTBS just keeps on keepin' on insulated by the above belief so succinctly put by Pathofthorns.


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