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  • fjtoth


    I should have read your post more carefully. I see you're a half hour north of London, some distance away from the 401.


  • b_ster


    1/2 hour north-ish (going towards TO) ... The little town I am from is *just* off of the 401...

    No I don't live there now.. (but was born there and lived most of my life) .. now I live in MA.



  • JH

    Nice to see all Canadians here

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  • fjtoth
  • reporter

    Oh, shoot a Canada thread!!!

    I've been sick lately, but am gettin' over it...

    I'm a reverse freebird...from Bruce (and Grey) Counties to the Kitchener area.

    Hi mouthy...hope you weren't driving today!!!

  • orbison11

    it's so kool a year after this post to still be meeting new canadian friends


  • JH


    I don't speak german. Don't believe what is written in my biography. I just copied that somewhere on internet. It makes me look smart. I don't even know what I copied.

    But now I can see that I look dumb, since you seem to understand german.

    BTW, I read your biography on your home page. Good points.

  • Martini

    Hi Friends,

    I am certain to have run in to some of you anglophones in around Montreal. I have been in 90% of the of 'les petit villes',

    some of you have mentioned already.Sorry I cannot blow my cover, but when that day comes I will be "one out-spoken son of a



    P.S. Any of you remember the St-Luc Assembly Hall?

  • fjtoth


    I guess I'm a dummy too for not taking the time to carefully read what you wrote in German. Here's the translation: "And now I am completely curious. What do these readers make on that weekend? Whoever wishes to relate about themselves and their experiences of that weekend (Sept. 6-8, 1996) please send us a note. You have 14 days to do so, that is, until September 22. Later, I will publish the reports on our homepage. In some other way we'll get it to you who don't have access to the internet." Apparently it's from a forum where some Germans were discussing some type of business venture.

    My German isn't the greatest, so when I read it quickly, I got this impression of it:

    "I would seriously like to know what kind of experiences you each had on that weekend when you all got together for your apostofest. If you care to tell us about it, be sure to let us know within 14 days so that I can post it on our web page and otherwise spread the word."


  • mouthy

    No reporter I was not out yesterday But I have to go out today UG!! I wish I didnt,,, Got to take my grandchild to work no buses in St Jacobs....Have a good day all

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