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  • orangefatcat

    Panco, I see you know Basil Christopolous, he was our overseer in the Park Congreagtion in Montreal at 52 Villuneurve. for many years. I was in that cong. form 1974-1980 Were you in that congregation.?

  • Parsnips

    I am from Oshawa, Ontario.......GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!

  • freebird

    I'm originally from Kitchener area, now live in Bruce County

  • Pancho


    I Studied with Basil and my ex used to study with his, no deceased, wife Doris. Yes I used to attend at that hall from 1972 to about 1975 but I was a very stubburn student :) Thats what Basil used to say.

    I used to live near Basil on Barclay street near Cote Des Neiges.

  • Theta72

    Hi fellow Canucks. I live in Calgary, orginally from Winnipeg. I also spent 5 years in Victoria and another 4 in Clearwater, BC. Does anyone out there know of anyone from Clearwater? (There were many JWs there, for a small town.) Also, if anyone knows Glendora Marshall from Victoria, I'd love to get in contact with her!

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    hi theta,

    i know some JWs here with the name Marshall (Rob and Shirley).. perhaps from the same family???
  • jgnat

    Thought I would join the party late. Better late than never. Welcome, Theta.

    Edmonton, Alberta here.

    Pincushion is from Alberta, too.

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  • Theta72

    Could be from the same family. Glendora had a few brothers and sisters, older than her. She's about 33 now I believe.

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    Hi Theta,

    I have heard that there are a lot of Jehovahs Witness in the small communities along the highway from Edmonton to Jasper, and if you continue into BC, Clearwater is along that same path. I wonder why.

    By the way, I am in Edmonton.

  • Theta72

    Hi Concerned.

    Yea, Clearwater is on the Yellowhead highway, so you're bang on. I'm coming up to Edmonton this weekend. Going to the waterpark, woo hoo! Edmonton is so much nicer than Calgary, for sure. I'd like to find a few people from Clearwater, namely: Tasyana Garbanewski and Cheryl Dowds, ring any bells anyone?? Glendora Marshall is from Victoria.

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