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  • Beans

    Toronto EH!


  • Quyrah

    Another Canadian here. Although I've left Montreal, Chomedey, Ste-Therese, Blainville, Ville LaSalle, Verdun, (you name it, I've probably been there).
    I am now in TN, thank goodness. Not sorry I left Montreal, but do miss some things. I would love to meet other Montrealers from there and see if we know each other,


  • mouthy

    Hi Quyrah,,, I was a JW in Montreal North- then St Johns St Montreal West- Point-aux-trembles. grace Gough?? do you know me?/

  • Quyrah

    Hi Grace,
    No unfortunately we never met. I did send you a sympathy card and we both know Rational Witness, plus many others, like Helen, etc from Tishie's old board.
    Hugs to you though. Nice to chat with you. School is ALMOST over in 2 weeks and am I glad. Have had my nose in books so much this semester, but am taking summer off. No classes being offered that I need and anyway, I really and mean REALLY need the rest. Did toooooo much this semester.
    Catch you later


  • morrisamb

    London, Ontario. So Inflamed Passion, are we neighbours?

  • peterstride

    In past lived in: Montreal, Val d'Or, Ottawa, North Bay, Barrie, Bradford, London (Ontario), Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Banff, Calgary, Vancouver, New York City, Athens (Greece), Zurich (Switzerland), Milano (Italy)...and Toronto (including Mississauga & Brampton)...and finally settled in.... (drum roll please).... favourite city, for the reason it's not really a city (except for the old city of York which makes up the extreme downtown close to the lake which is simply my favourite part of town!) but a collection of smaller villages and neighbourhoods that give it a totally different multi-ethnic flavour than anywhere else I've been...and the city you ask? Why, Toronto of course!

    And when I say Toronto, I mean close to downtown...anything north of Eglinton Avenue, east of Leslie Street, or west of Dufferin is the suburbs to me... LOL

    PS. The above is a list of cities I've lived in...not just visited!

  • mouthy

    Panch you must know Goldie Goldberg? she is free also now-
    What about Heisterman?he just lost his wife-still in.
    Quyra...I'm racking my brains to think who you are. If you sent me a card-It must have been for my daughter or son?????Well if you know the Rational Witness -I love ya!!!!!

  • Quyrah

    Hey Grace,
    Yes it was for your daughter, I know a Bruce Heisteman. His wife is Diane. Don't know if it's the same people. If so, let me know. Would love to say hello to him. He was a nice fellow. His wife, well, won't go into it.
    If you email me, I'll let you in on who I am.
    I'm at [email protected]
    Give me some news.


  • Pancho

    Hi Mouthy,

    I don't know too many english JW mostly french.

    Although I did have a JW lady living next to me in Cote-des-Neiges
    that claimed to be anointed (What ever) her name was Grace Landsbury. Maybe you knew her. she died at 100 years old I think in the late 80's early 90's.

    Also know a certain Phraser, know him before he got baptised used to go around by the name of Animal.

  • Scully

    I currently live in Ottawa.

    Witness life began for my family in 1969 when my parents began studying in the outskirts of Montreal. My circuit included the Lakeshore, Kirkland, Pierrefonds, St-Lawrence (Cornwall), and Hawkesbury congregations. I think we also had the Deux-Montaignes, Chomedy and LaSalle congregations.

    In 1984, I moved to Halifax and got to know folks from the Fairview and Highland Park congregations.

    In 1987 we moved to the Ottawa area and began in the Beacon Hill congregation, then moved to the Mountainview congregation in Gatineau, then by 1990 we had settled into the east end of Ottawa.

    Pancho: I remember Grace Lansbury. She seemed to be on every circuit and district assembly program while I was growing up. Did you know anyone from the Snowdon congregation? I used to have a good friend from that area, it would be neat to get in touch again.

    Love, Scully

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