How to fade?

by naazira 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • Oubliette


    Welcome! It would seem you woke-up just in time to prevent yourself from making a huge mistake. Congratulations.

    You said: i just want to leave without giving an answer to the brothers and my conductor.

    Perfect. Do it. They have no authority over you yet. You owe them nothing, not even an explanation. In fact, that would only complicate things.

    And added: i see myself being disfellowshipped if i get baptized so why even get to that point.

    Exactly! Don't go there. You'll be glad you saved yourself the aggravation.

    Please keep us posted.


  • WinstonSmith

    Naazira, the good thing about not being baptised or a publisher is that you don't have to fade. Just stop. Become one of 'those' studies that "just stopped for no reason." They'll compare you to the seed that sprang up then withered away, but who gives a crap about their opinion?

    Run Forrest, run.

  • happy@last

    Welcome. You are in a great position where you do not have to do anything and they are still hoping you become a member. Just stop going and don't look back is my advice. You are already seeing behind the scenes and seeing it for what it really is, a cult.

  • Mum

    Welcome! You are so doing the right thing to jump ship while you still have your life in front of you. You do not owe anyone any explanation for anything you do. If you have strong feelings about any aspect of what you wish to do, I recommend Dr. Wayne Dyer's first book, Your Erroneous Zones. I read it just before I got free, and it helped me immensely in dealing with negative emotions.

    So now you're free to be educated, spend your weekends enjoying life, and looking forward to the future.

    Best wishes.

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