Why Do You Come To This Site?

by minimus 70 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    I believe that this site, JWN, serves many purposes.

    Some are here almost, out of need.

    Others are here because they want to know the latest in Watchtower World.

    Still others come here for the entertainment.

    Why do YOU frequent this place??

  • Ucantnome

    because i'm bored

  • okage

    I come for the free beer and the hot and cold running chicks on tap.

  • minimus

    I like the entertainment, lately.

    This site shows how people get along ....or don't.

    This place, in my estimation is "safe". I always felt confidence that the owners would never reveal confidential information about you.

    It's still the best "JW" site out there!

  • Vanderhoven7

    I have and continue to learn a lot here...especially in areas of JW doctrine I need to know more about to counter their teachings on other forums.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Where else can I go and call the JW religion a cult?

  • ranmac

    I gotta admit, everytime I open this site a part of me hopes to find a thread or news article which undeniably exposes the borg for what they are. Kinda like a witness eagerly turning on the news to watch a final sign of impending armageddon. Other than that this is a great place to vent and research. I'd like to thank the members who diligently research and dig up info so others like me can easily look it up and benefit.

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    Minimus, I come here just to see what your daily question will be. BTW, have you ever repeated the same question(s)?

    TAI: "Where else can I go and call the JW religion a cult?"

    Good one. Without this site we would be lost sheep indeed.

  • leaving_quietly

    I'm simply addicted. I once thought that if I ever *did* leave, I'd stop coming here. But now, I dunno...

  • Fernando

    Freedom of expression.

    Being able to tell it like it is - or at least like I personally see or experience it.

    Community - people with the same past, finding new directions in life.

    Technical features not available on other forums.

    The biggest and most active exJW site.

    Large number of informed and articulate posters.

    Loads of free information that others have spent years or even decades researching.

    To keep the conversation going for the large number of lurkers and newbies - hoping to inspire them to come forward and share their story, journey, insights and challenges.

    To be challenged, moderated and informed by other viewpoints and approaches.

    To keep my newfound passion for writing alive. For some reason, like other posters too, I find considerable inspiration here.

    (Why does the "true religion" secretly blind its followers to the "Good News" according to Paul, Moses, Isaiah and Psalms?)

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