Does our new poste, invisible, = Celtic?

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  • Pete2

    Uh-oh! Kent's back and whining as usual. Kent, look in the mirror and acknowledge what you see! That's you Kent -- a major hypocrite! Your behavior has totally destroyed any credibility your Watchtower Observer site might have had.
    Your write on a previous thread:

    So far no posts [on Kent's board] have been “moderated”, [Yeah, sure -- with four moderators?] and so far I’ve kicked out 1 person[I know of at least two people who have been ousted] to set an example of what kind of behavior I don’t accept. [You mean the kind of behavior you exhibit daily?]So what? Anyone who don’t like it can just keep on not liking it. Why should I care? I’m an hypocrite[YES!]for booting a person who said all the way he enlisted just to stir up trouble?[And when it comes to strirring up trouble, you da' Ken'] So what?

    I'm so glad, Kent, that Simon gives you the freedom of expression that you and your ilk deny others.

    Love and peace,

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