Does our new poste, invisible, = Celtic?

by larc 50 Replies latest jw friends

  • Prisca

    *sprinkles some estrogen around to counter the high amount of testosterone flying about*

    edited for spelling

  • larc


    You little shit, I am as much alive as you are, and I just am in love with my blanky. Any man, at any age can be in love with his blanky, because if there is a blanky in your life, there can a nubile women hidden somewhere inside the blankey. It is kind of like a Easter Egg hunt for adult males./\

  • Satanus

    To think this thread was about celtic. He's a lot like jesus christ; a whole lot o' talk about him, without him. But i'm sure he is present invisibly. tssk


  • LaraCraft
  • larc

    LOL ... at Laura. hee hee

  • Naeblis

    LOL @ chimps on motorbikes

  • plmkrzy
  • Imbue

    Grandpa Lrk,
    I'd rather be happy than right. So I'm *pressing the ignore button*

    Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • Kent

    It's sad, Larc, to see someone behaving like a raving madman, just because some girls caught you with your pants around your legs, pretending to be an educated professional.

    I believe Naeb said it correctly when he insinuated you were an half-dead geriatric. You've been so puffed up with your own bluff you just can't take it when a girl expose you - eh? Tell you what - how come your fantastic education seems to be unknown all over?

    Besides, your eager attacking others is typical for the ones with nothing to give. It's like salesmen trying to sell their stuff by saying others stuff are bad.

    I pity you, Larc. And you don't need to expect more answers from me. Half-dead geriatrics are boring!

    Disgusted by the nasty display of the True Larc

  • Prisca
    Half-dead geriatrics are boring!

    Yes, Kent is rather boring, eh?

    And despite having a new board to play on, he comes back to the one he claims he can't recommend to others! What's the matter grandpa, isn't anyone posting your new board?

    BTW Kent honey, aren't you being hypocritical in posting here and attacking Larc, when you said

    I really don't give a shit what the morons other places that made me go away feels, thinks or say. They can say what they want - it's their right. On the other hand, I won't protest, defend myself against attacks, or care for one single second

    Yeah, sure, Kent, sure.

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