Your worst convention experience.

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  • zeb

    By a split second rescuing our handicapped son from being pushed down the stairs by a flood of sisters rushing out to see as the drama had started.

    The main offender being a special pioneer.

  • Finally-Free

    1985 "international" convention in Montreal. I was a regular auxiliary pioneer so money was tight. Took a train to Montreal and was stuck with a taxi driver who either couldn't or wouldn't speak English. Eventually I made it to the stadium.

    We were encouraged to get ALL our meals at the concession stands and buy our tickets weeks in advance. Problem was, they didn't have enough food to cover all the tickets they sold. As I said, my funds were limited, so I couldn't afford restaurants. My watchtower food tickets were worthless because they had little food at the stands. For 4 days I lived on cola and frozen pudding.

    I stayed in the "tent city" in the park next to the stadium in a leaky tent and it rained the entire weekend. I was also a newbie cultist (adult convert) so I had no friends or family there. People in my own congregation were already virtually shunning me. Newbie cultists without family or "connections" in the cult aren't really worthy of any attention after they're baptized.Getting someone to even speak with me was like pulling teeth.

    Worst weekend of my life. My 3 day hospital stay in 2005 after suffering a mild heart attack was much better.


  • ruderedhead

    It was the hottest Summer in a long time. The 3 day was held at a large concert venue that had no ac. I was there with my youngest child, it was about 100 degrees inside the stadium, and we left our seats to use the restrooms. I left books on our seats to save them, as single Moms rarely were offered help/rides with others once they were baptised. (In fact, I was asked to pick up others, while elders/ms & their fams went alone) Daughter was about 5. When we returned to our seats, a family of obese people had taken over our 1 of our seats, lookedat us in contempt as if we were in their way. I had to hold a hot, bored, squirmy child on my lap for the a.m. session. I was already having doubts, and thought to myself " THIS IS B.S." & left.

  • Crazyguy

    This coming convention (first year really understanding TATT) i'll be there because my wife and kids will be, but all the while i'll be trying to figure out how to reach my kids and may be even reach my wife a little. Will be having to do this at the same time as trying to not throwup in my mouth.

  • C.O.B.E.Beef

    Got baptised.

  • exwhyzee

    Read this post I made a couple of years ago.

    (Sorry, I can't seem to hyperlink it on this iPad, you'll have to cut and paste the link into the browser by hand.)

  • Mum

    When my daughter was about 4 years old (circa 1976), there was a circuit assembly in the next town. My then-husband went earlier than I did (maybe because there was a session for elders and MS's only).

    It was a 20+ mile drive to the assembly site, so I dressed my 4-year-old in pants and a comfortable top. When I arrived at the assembly and found my husband, was he glad to see us? No, he was upset because I had dressed the little one in pants! Instead of being repentant, I was aghast at how ridiculous he was being. He told me he had enough "problems" already. Is what a toddler wears a "problem?:

    It turned out that he got a speeding ticket on his way to the assembly site, and decided to take it out on me. Well, I didn't tell him to drive too fast!

  • Ucantnome

    lining up for a burger and finding I was in the wrong line.

  • tiki

    fainting in the subway sardine crunch in montreal 1978.......that whole convention was a disaster. it was like 100 degrees and 100% humidity....everyone was dirty, miserable.....

    nyc 1971 i recall pigeons in the rafters sh!tting on people......dodging that was not particularly delightful.....and always those stadium conventions, heat, humidity and people with bad body odors.

    but - as a kid, listening to freddie franz was a positive hoot!

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    Dublin international, early 70s - they had rigged the speakers so each echoed the other - you could hardly hear a thing no matter where you sat - although in retrospect you might say that was a good thing.

    Twickenham, late 70s - I was a night guard, and it was obvious me and the other guys weren't wanted. Took ages to get bedded down for a 2.00 am shift. Next day could hardly stay awake. In retrospect, you might also say that was a good thing as well.

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