2013 Watchtower, July 15 - CHARTS for discussion

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  • villagegirl

    United Nations will attack Christendom Because ?

    It is the "disgusting thing" ??? Why is it "digusting" ??

    Because its "standing in the Holy Place" ??

    That means it claims to represent God.

    The UN does not claim to channel God

    the WT Society GB does that.

    The Holy Place is pictured by the

    Holy of Holies, or heaven,the place in the Temple

    where only the High Priest could enter.

    The High Priest was replaced by Jesus Christ. We all know this.

    Jesus became the One Mediator between man and God.

    When anyone claims to be a "Mediator",

    or sole channel of communication

    between man and God, they are;

    "Standing in the Holy Place"

    And WHO claims that ??

    The Watchtower governing body claims to be the

    sole channel of communication between man and God,

    THEY are therefore the "disgusting thing" standing in the Holy Place,

    because they circumvent Jesus. by their claim to be the channel of communication.

    No-one can be a "sole channel of communication between man and God"

    except Jesus Christ. Calling yourself "the faithful and discreet slave"

    does not make it so.

    This is the basic underlying premise of the WT Society.

    The foundation of the Watchtower,

    this teaching is blasphemy a"disgusting thing"

    therefore nothing they preach or write has any validity at all.

  • label licker
    label licker

    If this isn't the most fear I've ever seen ever! So, are you telling me that GB/FDS gets raptured up right before Harmegeddon? What happened to helping those through the great tribulation? Where are the words great tribulation on the charts? I can't imagine the elderly widow trying to figure this out when they don't get help now. Get everyone scared so they are out in the ministry out of fear NOT telling anyone about this special little gem. No wonder they had to draw picture charts.

  • A.M. Number 1
    A.M. Number 1

    WHITE silhouette = GOOD

    BLACK silhouette = BAAAD

    ^ ^


  • jgnat

    Is there a separation between the enthronement of Jesus in 1918 and his judgement? He is sitting all this time? (Somewhere in that unknown interval before Armageddon...about the time of the gathering?) How many doddering Anointed will be left?

    When does Jesus appear like a flash of lightning with trumpets? About that same indeterminate time? (Zech 9:14) (Matthew 24:31)

    Is Satan still cast out in 1918? ( Rev 12:7-10)


    Village Girl!!!!!!!

    Those are my exact feelings on this matter. Apostate Jerusalem was the disgusting thing standing in a Holy Place! I have not read one word from Christ Jesus that makes me think the disgusting thing was Rome. Someone correct me if I have missed something, please. Rome was one of the Superior Authorities that bare a sword for a reason! The apostate Zealot/Political factions, not Christians, rebelled against Rome. They brought about Christ's death, not Rome. " Forgive them for they know not what they do.", said Christ concerning the Roman soldiers. Their was no such plea for the Religious Leaders..

    What about today? The UN is the disgusting thing standing in a holy place?!?!? So disgusting that the WTBTS signed up as an NGO?! All false religions that harm others are disgusting things, standing where they ought not. Let the reader use discernment, right? What could be more disgusting than claiming to speak for God while raking in the cash?? The Governments/Superior Authorities placed in their positions by God are disgusting things standing where they ought not?! So now God is responsible for setting up a disgusting thing that causes desolation?!

    God needs job security!? He must create a vacuum and then fill that vacuum for something to do?! When the time comes for the WTBTS and other organized religions to pay the piper, the Governments may very well be used to do it. I fully believe what you have stated above. I have been thinking about this very subject for some time. The UN being the disgusting thing only makes sense from the self-serving view of the WTBTS. I don't think the GB truly believe that anything printed about the UN will ever happen. This is pure fear- mongering and propaganda.

    If they really believed that the UN was going to do anything, then there is no way they would bless and curse the UN at the same time. If they were wise, they would never have said a thing, but led a life of Godly devotion with a quiet and mild spirit. Instead of being alien residents, and neutral, they have got right in there and dirtied their hands. Trying to play both ends against the middle is going to come back and bite them just like a beast turning on it's supposed master who out lived their usefulness.

    What? No More food?! I guess you will do.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    The first day I walked into my Statistics Class in 1987 my teacher said "I want to share a dirty little secret about Charts and Graphs, their used to deceive lazy people!" That chart is something out of the "Photo Drama Of Creation" graphics and story-telling, I do not like how stupid it makes rank-and-file JWs look for accepting that trash as truth for Jesus Christ. Who will stand up against the lies told by these hucksters, you are with them right now on JWN.

    What logical errors and fallacies is the Watchtower Magazine using now?

    1. Argument "appeal to ignorance", can you hear the friends of the rank and file using these silly explanations to justify?

    "If the Watchtower was not the Faithful Slave, Jehovah would have destroyed it for lying! Jehovah has not destroyed the Watchtower, therefore it is the Faithful and Discrete Slave!"

    "Since nobody in the Kingdom Hall challenged the "new light" in the July 15th, 2013 Magazine, everyone has accepted it as the Truth!"

    2. Appeal to Authority, I thinkthis is easier than I can explain now!

    "1. There is a base instinct to follow the dictates of an authority or expert. Examples: parents, bosses, doctors, scientists, teachers, preachers. People use appeals to authority to reinforce their beliefs and try to persuade others.

    2. Fallacious Appeal to authority is a very common fallacy. It occurs when we wrongly accept the word of an alleged authority or expert. This occurs when:
    a. the person is a phony expert
    b. the actual expert might lie due to a vested interest to do so.

    3. It is helpful to realize that an expert in one field is not necessarily an expert in another field.

    4. If you feel that the expert might lie due to vested interest then it is helpful to determine the expert's trustworthiness by checking the person's track record.

    5. Check the reasoning of other experts who disagree with the expert in question. Try to uncover any contrary evidence. If possible, try to become your own expert on the subject.

    6. Some appeals to authority are NOT fallacious, for example, your doctor telling you to eat healthy foods and get plenty of exercise to help prevent medical problems.


  • Pterist

    Where do the "great crowd" "other sheep" "NOT whole wheat" fit in ?

  • DNCall

    jgnat: According to the WTS there is a separation between Jesus enthronement in 1914 and his "standing up" to judge (Dan. 12). I believe it was in the 1990s that it was "discerned" that he will stand up to judge (i.e., separate the sheep from the goats) during the Great Tribulation.

    Starting with his enthronement in 1914, Jesus began cleansing the heavens, culminating in his casting out Satan to the vicinity of the earth by 1918.

    Jesus will appear like a flash of lightening at Armageddon, which is projected to occur sometime after the Great Tribulation.

    I hope that helps. (It's a strange occupation: trying to make sense out of an erroneous interpretation of a confounding book.)

  • skeeter1

    Hey, I have a chart in my October 8, 1968 Awake Magazine. I'll see if I can post it!


  • wokeup

    Pterist, logically the great crowd/other sheep only fit in the picture if they are wheat.

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