Your own mortality, how do you cope with it?

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  • CookieMonster


    I've been a lurker here and an inactive JW for a number of years. I've always had some annoying doubts but brushed it aside but over the last few years I've had time to "think" away from the WT. Perhaps there is no Paradise, maybe no God and this life is all there is. Thought this system will end by the time I finish school...thought paradise will be here I will never see my 30's...well I'm heading down to my 40's in a couple of years. Then into my 50's,60's etc, life goes by so quickly just as the morning grass withers. I was lead to believe that we may be the generation that will not taste old age and death. But the reality is, I need to face up to my own mortality and for a JW who has invested heavily into the doctrine this is a hard pill to swallow. Those of you who have left, how do you cope with it?

  • jambon1

    I make each day count, now.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I am descended from long lines of dead people and I suspect I have inherited their genes. Along comes some crazy American who has already made an ass of himself by prophesying the arrival of the Ancient Worthies in 1925 & tells my parents they're going to live forever, yeah, right. What are the chances of that?

  • Phizzy

    Welcome CookieMonster !

    It came as a shock to me to face my own mortality, a real shock. I was born in, and in for decades, so the idea of cheating death was deeply ingrained, and when a JWN member I had met, shortly after I walked away, said to me "We all have to die". it stopped me dead in my tracks.

    Gradually I have adjusted, I make each day count, and sometimes pull myself up during the day and say to myself, do something useful !

    I do not think much about death now, there is little I can do about the actual event, I just want to make the very best of this life I have, I want it to be life well lived.

  • slimboyfat

    That's just too depressing. Hey what about Ray Kurweil? We can live forever man!

  • SophieG

    Death always makes me think about life and what I want for the rest of my time on this earth. I try not to live in the past, and I sure don’t have complete control of the future, but what I do have NOW. Below is the attitude I have embraced since leave the JWs:

    Death is the reason why you should create the fullest, best life. Be present every day.

    Death is the reason you should say: I love you, I'm sorry, I forgive you, I was wrong, thank you; without hesitation.

    Death can come in a minute, hour, day, month, or year.

    That is why NOW is important. Don't wait to say or do the most important meaningful things! Do it NOW!

  • punkofnice

    Hi Cookie,

    This is a question that has plagued me. Right now I am aware that when I die that's it. Lights out. No thoughts.

    The WBT$ knows that almost everyone questions their mortality and have invented the 'hope(TM)' of 'life everlasting in a paradise earth(R)'.

    I just don't let it get to me. I try to live each day as if it's prescious...make it count.

    .........but I am aware that death is coming and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

  • zeb

    I am bi-polar and life can be very tough with that. I am so thankful for the Pharmeceutical supply scheme in Australia (would America take notice!) because by this i get essential medications for a fraction of the retail cost. So I am thankful and greatful. I am married many years and most of those without any appreciation or giving of intimacy. try as jambon 1 says to "make each day count". I do random acts of kindness. i try to laugh even when those around you are so sour faced.

    i have found my thinking to be years ahead of the wts and would often come out with un-popular answers in the wt study(Ie not cloning the party line) and i never knew why. i would give of myself to my own and to the cause and it took years before i clicked that they the wts and many jw want robots not carers.

    Back to plan "A" I have useful creative hobbies. I look after this aging body that i inhabit. Yes and i write very short emails to the Prime Minister and other 'Leaders' as I see fit, that is occasionally. Yes i have fears for the future but not of death as I have near death experience and death itself dying is not to be feared.

    I shared my music at work and when my back was turned they turn it right down and then say we didnt turn it off. Such infantile behaviour from middle aged women. I shared laughter until at work just caught one of my colleagues (female again) doing a wanking sign behind the lewd book she was reading in response to a funny that had all laughing their heads off. This is the second time i have caught her doing and all the while to my face (as with everyone else) she is as nice as pie. So I have answer I just dont talk to her or the likes at all. Problem solved. I move on. and I do so with no guilt at all.

    I have a tiny band of friends out side of work and never locked myself into the people of 'the-truth' as so many b&s do. I have a lady aquaintance who is a lesbian. I have worked with men who i realized after a time were gay. They did their work, were honest types and punctual.

    I have recently scraped over the 'mine' of malignant melanoma. My wife still in turned from the tv and the book study on her lap and asked over the top of her lounge chair after i had had the second excision results (OK) " did you go with the doctor?" My confirming a positive result received a .."Oh good" I mention this because others (not jw) on hearing this threw their arms about me whispered "Praise God' in my ear and gave me a kiss. They are warm loving caring and positive folk and this is all i endevour to be. I skim the wt and like us all can predict what it will say and find it devoid of love or admonition to love or care. Yes if you care you will get many many hurts for even the apostles of Jesus hurt him.

    and i keep busy, I have no guilt of anything though many regrets and there are some who love me. thats plenty for me.


  • DeWandelaar

    I was always aware of my mortality... however... there is hope (even after the WTS) ;)

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    As old age starts to creep in, sometimes I sometimes find myself actually looking forward to a nice long dirt nap.

    Life is finite for a reason.

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