How Do You Deal With Telemarketers?

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  • LB

    I joined the "do not call" list in my state and seldom here from them any longer. I had a call last night and asked the caller if they knew I was on the oregon do not call list. They hung up fast.

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • LDH

    I got the *ULTIMATE* telemarketing call last week.

    From a local funeral home.

    I was like, ummmmmm, I'm barely into my 30' you know something I don't know?

    I finally told them I wasn't interested in their services because we own a family burial plot back East.

    You know what that booger said?

    "Have you made arrangements for the transportation of your remains?"

    UMMMMM. Nooooo. (Think of Steven from the Dell Ads, LOL)

    ha ha. I just finally hung up.


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