The July 15 Watchtower and all its new light is only...

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  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    Emery:"Yup, there is no amount of reasoning you can use as long as they are happy being a JW. Only when their spiritual paradise starts to crumble will they possibly explore the reasons for being a JW."

    Yes..this is very important. A lot of XJW are trying to expose the dogma of the WTS in order to get their loved ones out. But this will never ever work. It will have the opposite effect. Theu feel that their beliefs are under attack, and thereby they get to the conclusion that it must be the truth..and everyone opposing the "truth" is lying.

    If you want then to get out you have to communicate to their real/authentic self, not to the manipulated cult self. Being confrontative will never work.

  • jgnat

    This is how I use breaking news like this with (JW) hubby. I predict it is coming ahead of time, and when it does, my reliability rating goes up. He's asking me what the new release will be this summer. He now trusts you guys and he trusts me to have reliable information.

    I don't expect him to wake up to the flaws that I find. I wait until he is distressed by some action or ommission. It's his issues that matter, not mine.

  • prologos

    Good news in that wt. :

    The anointed ie. the GB will not make it into the new system, the 1000 year paradise, for they will have the reward during the GT.

    bad news: with the overlapping generation, which is still new/old /unchanged light,-- that may be 50+ years away.

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    Yes, but I think you have had him in "treatment" some years, Jgnat!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I predict it is coming ahead of time, and when it does, my reliability rating goes up.

    This works with me as well. It takes the "magic" away when every move is predictable.

  • hamsterbait

    Most of the people who were told they were "behold - the Great Crowd" are now DEAD DEAD DEAD. So they were NOT the GC as it says they "come out of the Great Trubulation".

    The increasing number of partakers shows that the Great Crowd is now being gathered. As John 6 says all who want everlasting life must eat Christ and drink his blood. Proof of how near the end we are.

    A WT of about 3 years ago discussed the passage in John, and pointed out that jesus was talking to people of BOTH hopes.

    Jehooobies Chariot is moving to explain what was never expected. I am going back to the Kingdumb hell and eating those crackers...


  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    HAmser, the WTS deals with this in a special way. There is a difference between "other sheep" and "the great crowd". The greaat crowd are only those "other sheep" who survive the big A. Those who have died are still considered as "other sheep", but not part of the great crowd.

  • SophieG

    J GNat: I predict it is coming ahead of time, and when it does, my reliability rating goes up.

    I agree…I just dropped: “The way this is headed I would not be surprised 1914 is dropped as a pivotal date and that the 144k is purely symbolic”

    Let’s see if that thought ruminates.

    I have a friend whom I love dearly, he is the WT conductor and I am STRUGGLING with reaching out and asking him if he’s read it and understands it. He is smart, well loved by the congregation and I always felt like he is AWARE/AWAKE but can't leave because of family.

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    Sophie: That 1914 must be less important for the WTS now, since the FDS appeared in 1919. We will probably see less of 1914 in print....remember 2014 is not far away. I'm a bit more sceptical about the 144000. I don't think they'll dare change that.

  • wallsofjericho

    I noticed that there is very little reference to 1914 & the last days. They are both mentioned a few times seperately but only ONCE together.

    1914 is called the "beginning of the harvest" and referred to as the time when Jesus comes to inspect the temple.

    But the great tribulatin didn't start in 1914, the F&DS was not appointed in 1914, Jesus did not come to Judge in 1914.... all that is future.

    1914 still lingers but seemingly as an interesting side note to a new paradigm. That paradigm being the new "great tribulation" driven WTS.Sure we've always had the great tribulation, but it was always connected temporally to 1914. This is now gone for the first time since its inception.

    In 50 years JW's will be all about the "great tribulation" the same way 50 years ago the JW's were about 1914.

    This is a paradigm shift for the org.

    From what I have read this is not over yet. Now that the paradigm has shifted to the yet future "disgusting thing", there is freedom for the BOrg to shuffle more stuff around to keep the R&F awake and on the edge of their seats instead of falling asleep to the 100 year old drone of 1914

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