Bethel Brother's explanation to young mother as to WHY God would destroy children at armegeddon

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  • Nellie

    Wow! This also reminds me of a conversation I had with a wife of a newly appointed Circuit Overseer. We joined the congregation about 2 weeks before they left for the Circuit work so we didn't really know each other well at all. After serving for a few months, they came home for the district convention and I ran into her and she asked me how I was doing. I gave her a huge sime and told her that I was fine and had just found out that I was pregnant.

    Her face contorted, she recoiled and said, "Ohh no! I'm so sorry!" I looked at her totally confused (thinking she must have me confused with someone else since we had only met briefly) and said - "No. There's no problem. I only have one child now" - expecting an immediate apology! After all, I had just told her I was pregnant - not that my mother had died! And she looked at me and said something along the lines, of "Well, I'm still sorry. I guess I was thinking about how I would react if it was me." I later told my husband it was a good thing I wasn't depressed over being pregnant because with a reaction like that I probably would've thrown myself down the stairs!

    Needless to say, I never saw the need to speak to her ever again!

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    This is a cult and the leaders are allowed to say anything in private (some in public) they can pull out of their ass. The deeper their hands can go, the more outrageous their stinky answers are.

    Nothing shocks the older members of JWN and the lurkers who attend Kingdom Hall Meetings realize how hateful and full of gossip many of their conditional friends are! Nothing said by this Bethel brother should surprise us, they are little demi-gods worshiped by the tiny Squidbillies and the vast army of looney tunes singing along!

    Hawk, in Nothern California (Around Red Bluff and Redding area) a C.O. named Ar- Meyer made this comment to our Kingdom Hall. "You brothers love to debate those Trinitarians because it's fun to see them squirm and turn beet red without answers! I know it's fun, but you must accept the fact you are dehorning a goat, what happen's when you dehorn a goat? Nothing, you still have a goat without the horns, stop discussing the Trinity because nobody who really believe's it has ever given the belief up! To those who like to do the Pioneer Shuffle, he loved this dance because he burned up more time malingering between houses than knocking on them."

    "Pioneer Shuffle" varies with each circuit, in the up most part of the State, some of the homes are not as close as the houses in the city. You walk to the house, read a scripture before you knock, talk and than you knock while the dogs inside the house are barking madly while waking up the day-sleepers or Night Shift workers. After you are told to "Get the hell out of here!" you slowly walk with the C.O. to the edge of his property, he open's up his Bible to share another scripture and soak in the sunlight. We could burn up three hours without talking to anyone while barely knocking on ten doors. The "Pioneer Shuffle" has a art to it, wear fluffy shoes because you will be standing more than walking or sitting!

  • trujw

    I would have loved to ask the po's wife if rats would be in the new system.

  • DeWandelaar

    Jehovah's Witnesses and Emotions... they do not match well to be honest. I know it from first hand just like most of the others that were raised in "the truth". Only heartless people can drop people like they are a brick of stone when they think or say something else regardless if they are their own children, parents etc. Most seems to have a sort of reactive attachment disorder.

    They therefore absolutely have no idea about the true nature of the One that should have been their father. It really is a shame that they hurt so many people without even knowing it.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    On the flip side I was raised by abusive JW parents in the "truth". When I questioned a CO about about how I was raised and how no one in the "truth" helped mw especially the elders who knew what I was going through. No one even called child protective services when my dad told them he was going to kill me when I was in my teens.

    This CO told me that Jehovah knew my heart and he allowed me to have my parents because he knew that I probably would not have accepted the "truth" anyway else and Jehovah wanted me so badly that he just allowed all my pain and abuse to happen.

    I felt like throwing up.


  • Vidiot
    AndDontCallMeShirley - "But, doesn't fewer Jehovah's Witnesses mean less income for the Watchtower?"


    But with the recession, the plateauing of membership (and thusly donations), and the increasing secularization of the developed world, a reduction of revenue flow is already underway, and they're sure to know it by now (unless they're complete idiots, which I don't believe).

    By thinning the herd in the West and consolidating operations in the upstate compound whilst increasing their membership in the Global South, the GB can streamline the publishing aspect of the WTS (a cost-cutting measure), whilst maintaining the lifestyle they're accustomed to, further insulating themselves from the secular world, and reinforcing the appearance (though not neccessarily the reality) of robust overall growth.

    And as I said before, any internal questions regarding a perceived decline in the developed world can be explained by implying that it's a possible fulfillment of the "love of the greater number cooling off" prophecy, thus reinforcing the WTS's End-Times worldview.

  • jambon1

    It's insanity to reconcile in your mind that babies and children deserve to die at god's behest.

    Once you accept that belief, I believe that your mind is seared, damged. You'll take on the rest of their shit without even thinking much about it.

    Once you strip back the panda leaflets portraying peace and love, they are a hateful bunch of morons who are so entirely self absorbed that they actually believe stuff that would make the average persons head turn 360 degrees on it's axis.

    Some of the most emotive arguments I haved had with my wife have taken place when I get her to consider the wrongness of believing that babies and children, in fact, anyone deserves to die at god's hands. Once, she actually said to me "well, everyone's going to die at some point anyway".

    How do you reply to that?

    One experience I have related on here before is when and elder once told a big group of us that he wants to "see" the people die at Armageddon.

    Mentaly ill fuck ups.

  • perfect1

    As a born in- it takes a lot of effort to shake the worldview that the world is ruined or going to be destroyed.

    When you grow up with this bullshit you have to deprogram yourself. I have found it easiest to be around people who were never exposed to this crap,

    because even ex JWs- or any apocalyptic people, maintain a suspicion that they are gonna get smited.

    I mean, go to school and look at everyone around you as dead meat for 12 years is just not healthy.

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