AAWA is here!! (The Association of Anti-Watchtower Activists)

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  • Chaserious


    I have a question on your last response about the name. Initially I didn't have any reaction to the name, but after reading some comments of others and more about what AAWA hopes to do, it prompted a couple of thoughts. While I am with you about how you either view the Watchtower as harmful or you don't, what about groups you hope to engage with, such as the media, abuse survivor groups, and others? Is there any concern about their reacting to the name? I would not expect that they would all view the Watchtower as harmful off the bat, and I hope the name wouldn't turn them off from giving you a voice. Sure, we can all get on board with a group about "anti-racism" or "against drunk driving," but I wonder if the media might shy away from engaging with a group with a name like "anti-Catholic" or "anti-Mormon" due to concerns about religious tolerance, and might view this group's name like the ones in the latter category? Just thinking out loud here...

  • cedars


    While I am with you about how you either view the Watchtower as harmful or you don't, what about groups you hope to engage with, such as the media, abuse survivor groups, and others? Is there any concern about their reacting to the name?

    Thanks, those are good points. I personally don't think our name would make journalists and outside organizations turn away from us. According to my sources we are already making headway in establishing links with the ICSA and SNAP. I think most journalists are aware that there is something sinister about the Watchtower from my own experience. They just don't write about them much because it's a tiny religion. This doesn't stop them writing about Scientology of course, but that's a little different. Scientology's beliefs are more wacky and their opponents are more vocal. We hope to similarly turn the heat up on Watchtower, and thus drive the agenda for the media somewhat. I'm fairly certain that as our group grows in membership and popularity and starts to flex its muscles, people/organizations will hear our message first and this will then influence their reaction to the name.


  • stuckinamovement

    Just my 2 cents. The name could potentially be an obstacle. I showed my still active but wavering wife the video last night and she remarked that even though the efforts are noble that the name validates the stereotype of angry anti watchtower activists. It's funny how our perspective changes as we learn the ttatt.

    After sleeping on it this morning she made the same comment. That said, count me in. I have sent in my application.

  • cedars

    Thanks siam.

    I can't really add to what I've already said about the name in my last two posts. I suppose only time will tell just whether or not our name is an obstacle. The important thing is we are Anti-Watchtower - not Anti-JW. We also have a reform element whereby we shut up shop if they drop the 5 key policies we have identified. Once people do a little digging, hopefully they will realise there is nothing sinister or malevolent in our efforts. We're just saying it like it is.


  • flipper

    CEDARS- I think this is a really great idea in order to provide support to people exiting the Witnesses already and providing support for those who have been victimized especially in the manner of the 5 points you bring up in your website concerning the crimes and inhumane actions by the WT Society towards members.

    There are many who may need the support of being in a " group " or " association " in order to accomplish such work. There are many who are doing what they can individually to free people's minds and to shed the real light on the criminality of the WT Society. Both avenues are great. Some of us who have been members of " organizations " before may have an aversion to joining any " organization " due to having experienced ill treatment . That doesn't mean those kind of people don't support your cause. But just feel they will work individually to help as many as they can to have free minds.

    I tend to agree with some here who have concerns about the name of the group " Association of Anti-Watchtower Activists ". If we believe as Steve Hassan says that people exiting mind control cults like Jehovah's Witnesses tend to have phobias and fears that dwell in them- I believe the title of this Association may scare some from checking out your great information available to them. Perhaps a title such as " Free Resource for Inactive or Exiting Jehovah's Witnesses " or " Safe Haven & Outreach for Exiting JW's " may incline more exiting JW's to look into it.

    Hey, don't get me wrong, it's your folks association and you can call it what you want ( and I fully support your efforts and what you are accomplishing ) however if the effect is to give support to exiting JW's it may make some nervous about looking into it according to HOW they've been mind controlled and indoctrinated.

    I commend you that there is an option for some to anonymously support this association if they still have JW relatives on the inside who they wish to keep ties with. I agree that using the " anti-WT " term may be compared to using " anti-racism " - however most people assume that racism is evil and needs to be removed. Unfortunately some mind controlled JW's who are newly exiting JW land are still " sympathetic " towards their " fellow believers " in JW land and they may not view the WT Society as extreme as they do racism due to still being under mind control. Even some DFed persons who have been out for years are so mind controlled they still are blinded by WT Societys doctrines and policy's.

    But I think you are doing a great thing in exposing the WT Society and by getting the word out to people in all walks of life, non-religious and otherwise hopefully also trying to get media attention in Internet or written news, or television- I hope you are able to accomplish the exposing of the WT Society on a large basis. It's a billion $$$$$ corporation which has existed for 134 years deceiving and duping not only it's members but the public. Anyway we can all expose it is a great thing, whether on n individual basis or as a group. Kind of my 2 cents here. Good luck to you ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • cedars

    Thanks flipper!


  • The Quiet One
  • FadeToBlack

    Awesome. I think Cedars response to the name choice was the post of the year! At some point, people have to take a stand...

  • rocketman

    After watching the video (which I couldn't do earlier today while at work) I have just one question:

    Who's the pretty blond with the British accent?

    Oh, and Cedars...cool hat!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Not me - not pretty, not blond and no accent well at least not one that I notice

  • cedars


    Who's the pretty blond with the British accent?

    A profound question indeed! That's Cora Latham, wife of Marc Latham (the dude sat beside her)!

    Oh, and Cedars...cool hat!

    Thanks! I assume you mean the one I wear in my avatar?! The only hat-wearer in the video is Ethan Hatcher, AKA "anondude2."


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    So CEDARS, or anyone else in the new endeavor, is there any sort of "suggestion box" where we could leave our ideas?

    Short-term, I think a cool goal would be to secure the rights to legally disseminate CoC online. . . I really think that the book is that important, and to get it on the iPads and Kindles of as many people as possible would be awesome.

    Long-term, a college fund or scholarship for kids who got screwed out of an education would be an incredible accomplishment. If I ever win Powerball I will absolutely set something up!


    JW`s who are happy in the WBT$..

    Would be "put off" regardless of how appealing the name was to them..

    I think the name ..

    "Association of Anti-Watchtower Activists"..Is fine..

    The "AAWA is for people wanting to exit the WBT$ JW Cult..

    JW`s aren`t leaving the WBT$ because they`re Happy with the WBT$..

    "Anti Watchtower" lets them Know..

    They have come across a group of people just like them..

    The name reaches the intended"Target Audience"

    .................................... photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • cedars

    Thanks breakfast of champions - we do welcome ideas. As mentioned on this thread, we have our eye on one or two strategies already, but we will always be interested in hearing others. If there is ever a way of getting information like CoC out infront of people, of course we will want to help out. Feel free to email any suggestions like that using the address on our contact page. We can then mull it over between us and figure out whether it's something we can do either now or in the future.


  • *lost*

    Haven't read it all yet, or watched the video. Will do though.

    Also a little concerned with the 'Anti'.

    May God bless and reward your efforts everyone. Thank you for giving us freedom adn liberation.

    much love


  • man oh man
    man oh man

    Awesome!!! Can you hear that? It is the sound of a trumpeting CHARGE!

  • Terry

    These are just 10 quick suggestions off the top of my head. Take them for whatever they are worth.

    1.Create Operation Brainstorm to capture as many dynamic and hard-hitting, workable suggestions as possible from diverse points of view

    capitalizing on the wide-ranging experiences of real people by networking will all extant Ex-JW venues.

    2.Liaison with the Discussion Groups by interfacing, posting ideas-in-progress for criticism and honing public positions to a fine, sharp point.

    3.Encourage active Feedback so as to edit weaknesses out of presentations, press releases, billboard campaigns, etc. before they are launched.

    4.Compile a top 10 Target list with the most important first. Channel resources in order of priority. Avoid scattershot squandering of resources and energy.

    5.Establish three venues to address victims' needs and interests: A.Women's issues B. Children's issues C.Family related issues

    6. Create BEFORE vs AFTER cartoon panels and Call it something like: WHY/WHY NOT (become a JW?) Picture the person who Does and who Does Not.

    i.e. DOES= Janitor or Window Washer vs DOES NOT=Entrepreneur or career person,

    DOES=Home schooled, anti-science, Duncecap vs DOES NOT=College graduate with investments, retirement fallback and insurance

    DOES=Housewife chained to a stove and mop vs DOES NOT=community volunteer, Girl Scout leader, business consultant, etc. etc.

    DOES=Refusing to speak to a son or daughter or grandparent (shunning) vs DOES NOT=Happy family tolerant of each other's differences.

    DOES= Name calling former members with Hate Speech vs DOES NOT=Picketing for tolerance, Open minded discussion, Free Speech

    7.Create an "ASK ME WHY....?" campaign with hot button talking points about Child Abuse, Blood Transfusion policy, Shunning, Hate speech about Apostates

    9. Create 60 second viral videos with an arresting punchline message to zero in WTS embarassing cover-ups, failures, etc.

    10.Post WEEKLY GOALS that all ex-JW's can have a hand in promoting at a grass roots level whether it is letter writing, phone-calls to talk shows, e-mails, contacting news organizations. Follow up with RESULTS AT THE END OF EACH WEEK so that better and better effectiveness can be reached.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    5.Establish three venues to address victims' needs and interests: A.Women's issues B. Children's issues C.Family related issues

    This actually breaks down to smaller issues:

    • Abuses
      • Child sexual abuse
      • physical abuse
      • emotional abuse
      • Spousal abuse
        • Unbelieving mates (UBMx and those dating a JW
      • Homosexuality
    • Custody Battles
    • Shunning
    • Blood issues
    • Mental heath and suicide prevention

    We are looking for people who have a particular interest or experience dealing with any of these issues to help us give the needed Please volunteer. Even if you aren't interested in responding to people who are seeking information or support there are plenty of other ways you can help.

  • cyberjesus

    The only difference is the substituting of one bad thing (Watchtower) for another (Racism).

    Uh, Racism is a belief and Watchtower is a corporation.

    The question is, do you think Watchtower is bad or not? If you think Watchtower is not harmful, then you are not an Anti-Watchtower activist, and our group isn't for you.

    I dont think the Corporation is bad. I think the Religion is harmful and dangerous, so does that make me an activist?

    just saying

  • rubadubdub

    I like Flipper's suggestion: "Safe Haven & Outreach for Exiting JW's". Keep the AAWA name, but add a subtitle? Just a thought.

    Posted your YouTube video to my Facebook page (local dubs weeded out and blocked preemptively! Would like to know how I can help while still keeping a low profile while my dub-in-laws are still with us.

    Great Mission Statement!

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