Bethel Laying Off

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  • label licker
    label licker

    I know they just hired twenty to thirty youngters to run a second shift on the printing press. What I don't get is I know of a couple who live at bethel in Africa and were sent here to brooklyn to go to gilead and their new assignment is going back to bethel in Africa to their old assignment. What was that all about? Doesn't make sense. In the end it's all a waste of money. Money they don't seem to have!

  • jgnat

    label licker, my denomination routinely sends out missionaries. They serve a two year term and then they come back to Canada for a mandatory sabbatical. They get their medicals up-to-date and tour churches to drum up donations for their mission. This way, the missionaries get their rest and last longer.

  • Bob_NC

    InChristAlone, so true that more timely information is here. And the lack here of what is being discussed on AllExperts makes me think that there are some brothers running wild and free with speculations. And BG's leaving makes no sense for the reasons given.

    And you have email here.

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