Just wondering what is the JWs stance on the existance of dinosaurs ???

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  • AMO

    Hi all

    Was pondering today on the jws stance on the existance of the dinosaurs. Would be interested to know any belieavers stance on this eg. your own belief and that of the WTs current understanding.

    Insidentally i tried to search this on JW.org and no search bar, or at least i didn't find one ????. i wonder why, LOL.


  • Iamallcool

    I think I do remember seeing Dinosaurs in the old green bible.

  • clarity

    Hi AMO ....if you look up to the top of this page left side...

    type into that SEARCH bar, should get a lot of answers.


    I think the belief, more or less, of jw's is that the dinosaurs

    were drowned in the flood! Yeah rite!


  • AMO

    Apparantlly in the 50s 60s WT teaching was that satan scattered the dinosaur bones all over the earth to stumble believer's. What is there teaching today ????.


  • jgnat

    My guess is that the WTS is too smart to put very much in print these days. Congregation members will find their own ways to fill in the gaps (in logic).

    You might enjoy this thread, the crazy young earth creationists:


  • mP


    What about the big dinos who could swim ?

  • transhuman68

    This is from 'New Heavens And A New Earth' (1953) page 59:

    7 "And God proceeded to make the wild beast
    of the earth according to its kind and the domestic
    animal according to its kind and every
    creeping animal of the ground according to its
    kind. And God got to see that it was good ." (Gen.
    1 :25, NW) Included among these "living souls"
    were the tremendous land reptiles, the dinosaurs
    with their absence of fur and their definitely
    snakelike shape of head, such as the stegosaurus
    with an armor-plated spine, the protoceratops that
    laid eggs, the diplodocus, the tyrannosaurus, 20
    feet high and 45 feet long, and the brontosaurus
    that weighed as much as 50 tons and was 100 feet
    long. Bones of these have been found, although
    they have long been extinct. They were the giants
    of the animal kingdom, and demonstrated God's
    power. These and the other forms of animal life
    preceded man and God took care of them by his
    due provision; man was not necessary.-Job 38 :39
    to 39 :30.

    Dinosaurs aren't mentioned much by the WTS, as the reason why 'God' would have made them, and the time involved for them to be fossilized creates headaches for simple people.

  • jgnat
  • Iamallcool
  • AMO

    Hi Clarity

    Yes did use the search bar HERE,LOL. But most are old treads and didnt really anwser my questions, what is current belief and what witnesses who are still in believe today, Does it differ ??.


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