Who will go to heaven?

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  • rhett
    I must be looking at the Good Book with rose coloured glasses because I still can't find anything so wrong.

    Which would imply that you can at least see some error in the bible.

    You're presented with irrefutable evidence that something is wrong, you admit you can't figure out how someone who is supposed to be all knowing could be wrong, you believe that something must be true because it says it is, you substitute the word "stupidity" with the word "faith," you bring up scientific acuracy to prove something to show how right it is and then when that very same acuracy goes down in flames you say it doesn't matter, you search arcane words written thousands of years ago and mistranslated countless times over those thousands of years in hopes of making sense out of something that over that period of time no one has been able to offer a definitive answer, and yet, despite all the countless ways that it can be easily shown what a load of crap the bible is, you still desperately hang on to it in the hope that this fairy tale will come true.

    Wow, if that's not stupidity then I don't know what is. Frankly, I really couldn't care less if don't "share my belief" that the above can be taken as stupdity or faithfulness. I think its quite funny though that instead of trying to prove me wrong on the scientific basis you instead tell me to look at the bigger picture (can't quite see all those blaring inconsistencies that way huh?) and say yourself that you're biased. Why didn't you point out places that I was wrong that are clearly stated in the bible? I mean, you seem to spend so much time studying it you should be able to do that right? Come on Misty, show me how I'm wrong. The stuff I pointed out had an incorrect summary and an incorrect explanation of the details. Why is that you have to try to take the words of the bible writers out of context or twist their meaning to explain stuff? Why can't the bible stand on its own?
    Actually, I never really had any "hard blows" in my life to turn me away from god. Why would you think that? I didn't like the JW's, I left, I stayed a good little christian believing everything in the bible, I studied it quite in depth, I realized quite alot of what I was reading was a load of crap. To draw a comparison, I went out with this girl named Anita a long time ago for a couple of months. She was pretty, very nice, dependable, and crazy about me but I just didn't really want to be with her like that. Its not because she's a bad person at all because that couldn't be further from the truth. She did absolutely nothing wrong that would make me want to leave her. It just wasn't a good fit between our personalities. A year or two after we stopped going out she started seeing one of my friends and they were great together and I couldn't have been happier for both of them because they were a great fit. Same way with the idea of god. Nothing bad happened to turn me away but I just think the whole idea that there's this supreme being out there who used people to write this book with wrong and contradictory statements is a load of crap because I don't like it.
    What I think is really funny is the mental process that you're going through here. You're getting upset because I show the potential to upset your world by showing how the bible is best used as toilet paper, then by the end of it seems you're feeling guilty about getting upset and are saying you're going to pray for me which kind of brings back that nice comfortable zone that's so important for you. It brings it back by showing to yourself that this little incident isn't enough to rattle your cage and relieves any guilt you may feel from thinking that god would be angry at you because you got upset at someone else. I like this conversation. It gives me a good laugh and constantly demonstates why I can't believe in the bible.

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