Who will go to heaven?

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  • misty

    Rhett: I am still laughing!!! I love the green chimpmunk theory! I had to read that to my kids, you made our night! Keep it up!

  • Abaddon

    My huge invisable purple teddy bear will burn all false gods in fire along with their believers. Appart from rhett 'cause he made me laugh.

    Prove me wrong.

    That is the problem. You can't.

    If god really loved us, he'd make sure we knew which way to go. But ALL religions, even the ones who say "all ways to god are equal", think they are more right thanm the rest. And none have any proof, just words. SO how can we know which way to go?

    We can't. Therefore, either god doesn't love us, or god is just a nice idea dreamed up to stop the cave children being scared of lightning, and is actually different removed and has no plan for us, or there is no god.

    If god doesn't love us why should we love him?

    If god is removed from us and is unconcerned with us, why should we be concerned about him?

    If god doesn't exist, then obviously religion is just a dumb idea.

    You choose, I already have.

  • rhett
    where did you ever get the idea that He said He created in 6 literal days?

    Genesis. There's that whole bit about god creating things on different days. If you'll go read it, you'll notice that it says he was done after the sixth. Believe it or not, the earth is more than a few thousand years old. The earth (and the rest of our solar system) is around 4.5-4.6 billion years old.

    I am still laughing!!! I love the green chimpmunk theory! I had to read that to my kids, you made our night! Keep it up!

    Now you know how I feel reading your words on the rapture. I find it really amusing that you had to resort to this instead of actually answering the points I made. Then again, that's fairly typical of true believers. BTW, I'm still expecting all of your money. I'm not joking either. Using your own reasoning the paper on my table is just as valid as the bible.
    Hey Abaddon, I can prove your teddy bear won't destroy all those people. You know how? The chipmunks told me! As for everything else you said, I couldn't agree more.

    Back down the bullies to the back of the bus
    Its time for them to be scared of us

  • willy_think

    You are looking for irrefutable proof, isn't that what the WT said you need but never gave you? It's a trap, there is no proof only authority.

    I've never seen any "irrefutable proof" that the great depression happened i believe it did, because i accept the authority of the people who told me it did. when i asked my great grate grandmother what the depression was like she said "i didn't know there was a depression until it was over maybe for the rich people it was a bad time but we were pore before then and we were pore after so i didn't pay it any mind." the point is you can live something and still need to rely on authority to understand it.

    The bible is inspired and infallible on the authority of the Catholic church alone. No tricks, no gimmicks, no hidden clues in the numbers, nothing to subtract or add, no "scientific evidence" (repeated constant results of a controlled test), no voice in your head, no chapter and verse, and no flashy preacher declared the bible inspired.

    The question is one of authority you have made your self your own authority and as such you are free to say what "proof" is and isn't what is true and what is false, but remember this too is a matter of your current persecutive and your authority.

  • misty

    I am sorry to hear that you already made your choice not to believe in God or his Word. However, just before you put the padlock on: Sometimes if we sincerely want to know Him and ask Him proof, He does show us! That is what got me in trouble with the JW. Asked Him to show me the wrong and He hit me with it like a ton of bricks! And believe me, the last thing I wanted was to be proven wrong. I thought I was smarter than that! Me? conned? Yep! Yep! Yep! Big time!!

  • misty

    Those literal days don't stand up to logic. That would mean that when it says "in the day of Noah" it would mean that he was around only one physical day?
    When it says "in the last DAY" it would mean that we are now living in only one literal day?

    And as to the Rapture: if there is nothing to this, please explain me 1Thess 4:17 when it refers to "being caught up in the skies".
    As you know, the rapture idea for all believers is very new to me now, but I am trying to read and believe what i see and not what people say we should see. Enough of that! ANd I no longer believe that it is only for an elite, enough of that too!

    BTW: Thank you for refering to me as "a true believer". I wish Jesus would think that of me too! And the Father Almighty too! or are they the same?oops- it just slipped out...

  • rhett

    Hey, no need to argue with me that they don't make sense. All I know is what it says in the bible. I know very well how crazy it is which is yet another reason why I don't believe in the bible. Despite how long those days were the fact of the matter is the order in which things appear over those six days is still wrong.
    As for the rapture, "being caught up in the skies." Ever heard the expression "head in the clouds?" I have a feeling that even if the expression hasn't been around the idea has. Then again, since I have absolutely no belief in the great toilet paper of history known as the bible why should I believe something that is briefly mentioned in one scripture? Jeez, if that's the case I'd be concerned blood in my food or about touching a woman during her menstral period. Ah, the bible. Such a wonderful and relevant book to base your life on!!! Want to know what a better work of art to base your life on is? A piece of paper sitting in my house. Its got all the scientific and prophetic strength of the bible. Now send me your money because I'm really tiring of this discussion.

    Back down the bullies to the back of the bus
    Its time for them to be scared of us

  • misty

    Why do you say the order is wrong? Did the grass not come before the cow?

    And oh yeah, your cheque is in the mail.

  • misty

    Oh, I forgot to ask: how many times does one have to write or say anything before it is acceptable as truth? Let your "Yes mean Yes" implies that once should be sufficient, especially for God. However, the JW did base their entire Michael = Jesus theory on only the 1Thess.4:16 but that is an interpretation by JW's. And as well, there are other scriptures that refer to being caught up as in Acts 8:39 or 2Cor 12:2-4 and also when referring to Enoch and Elijah. So then I guess it is all true! Should I put in a good word for you? If not, could you put in a good word for me?I'll send you another cheque?

  • TweetieBird

    LyinEyes, you and I are on exactly the same page. I could have written what you wrote word for word.

    Misty, try to understand that many on this forum felt they were duped. They gave their heart and soul to a religion that they thought was the "one true faith." Many, like me, were born into the religion. It's takes a long time to get over it and because we were taught that all other belief systems were wrong, it's very hard to be accepting of anything else.

    If there is a God in Heaven, I have to believe that he is a very merciful being that understands what it was like to be a witness and will therefore show extra compassion for anyone that was ever sucked into and involved in a cult.

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