Has leaving the truth( i hate that word) caused you to do things now that you would not have normally done ?

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  • Pickler

    I have made friends with all kinds of people, and I don't even know or care what their religion is.

    I have been surprised by how much I love exercise, I crave it every day, it has become a habit over the years.

    I have done a lot of dance classes, now I have been practicing yoga for years. I love it. My body feels better than it ever has my whole life. I have made a lot of friends through these activities also.

    I think the life I lived as a JW was very unhealthy for me, after full time work, there was only time for meetings & study. If I had stayed in I may have been fat & miserable by now......though I was young & thin at the time, I didn't know what it was like to feel physically great.....now I do....

    I also love the sun :) bad I know, but, I find myself thinking, well, you were meant to be in the new system by now, so, go for it.

  • label licker
    label licker

    Sold a business and put the boat away when we started to pioneer. Now that we're out for good, put up a smaller building on the property and started up a business again and the boat is coming out. Built another building for our hobby as well. Just staying busy looking for more doors to open that will lead us to a balanced "normal" lifestyle. GUILTFREE!!!!!!!!!!

  • SkyGreen

    watched the twilight movies.... and enjoying the "American Horror Story - Assylum" on tv. Not scared of demunz!

    plan to focus on my kids education and development in sports or whatever they want. Also to go back to school/work myself once my youngest is in kindergarten. spend time/energy/money on home improvements without feeling guilty. Pursuing music and writing, down the track when my kids are older...

    so many options, now that Im not focused on field circus until the paradise!

  • FreeGirl2006

    I got my Master's degree, started my own business, enjoy sleeping in on the weekends, love visiting new places without concerning myself with where and when the meetings are, found true love, became interested in the world and all the advancements being made, lost the requisite judgemental attitude and developed true compassion...and so much more. Did I mention I am happy? I discovered what that really feels like.

  • d

    Got my associates working on my bachlors degree in sociology.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    The first thing I did when I realized TTATT was to get my sorry ass enrolled in college!

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I don't think so. I was an adult when I joined up, and I was only in for about 12 years. Mostly, I've gone back to doing the things that made me happy before, like gardening, home improvement projects, and travel.

  • crmsicl

    This might not be what you meant but....I decorate my porch with the 4 seasons. Tastefully of course. i remember when I used to go dorp a door (a spanish sister called it that :), it took away the boredom to see how some "householders" would design their entry.

    I'm not sure that I would have done this normally, although I like landscape planning so who knows.

  • LisaRose

    So much, I've been out a while. Left a bad marriage, married the love of my life, just celebrated our 13th Valentine's day together. Started my own business. Traveled to Europe. Made a lot of new friends, based solely on friendship, not religion. I am able to enjoy my children, without worrying if they were JWs or not(fortunately not). I do volunteer work, contribute to charities, involved in the the community. Of course celebrate the holidays, decorated many a tree, my Hubby is Santa, and I his Mrs.Claus at our neighborhood Xmas party.

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