"Millions Now Living Will Never Die"

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  • Ding

    Lest we forget -- Joseph Rutherford, the man who wrote "Millions Now Living Will Never Die," has been dead more than 70 years now...

  • sir82

    ...and there are just barely "millions" alive now who were even alive when that statement was made in 1920 -- all of whom were infants or very young children then, and are nearing 100 now (if not over).

    "Just a little while longer" and that statement made by "the faithful and discreet slave" will join the others in the growing pile of unfulfilled promises.

  • Finkelstein

    Nooooooooooo !!!

    But shit, I attracted a lot people to my public talks and sold many pieces of liature.

    Do want the " Truth " you have to listen to me and only me because god has chosen myself specifically for all mankind......... Really !

  • BluesBrother

    Just to show that this is not just something from history. I cannot see why they should be proud of this prophecy that turned out to be such an abject failure - but they seem to be.....

    WT 2010 2/15 p14

    “The Spirit and the Bride Keep On Saying: ‘Come!’”

    "8 The anointed followers of Christ have been extending the invitation since as far back as 1918. In that year, the public talk entitled “Millions Now Living May[stet.Will] Never Die” offered hope that many will gain life in a paradise earth after the battle of Armageddon. "

    Especially since they admit this...........

    WT 84 10/1 p24

    "Regarding his misguided statements as to what we could expect in 1925, he once confessed to us at Bethel, “I made an ass of myself.”

  • blondie

    Originally the talk was listed as "May Never Die" but then changed. The millions were not really considered those of the earthly class but hinged on the concept that the destruction would be that of religion, big business, and government. Thus the millions were not considered to be Bible Students only and certainly not jws since that name was not taken until 1931.

  • Finkelstein

    The mantra of the WTS. has always been " We've got religious bullshit that your going to love to hear and read "

    and since we extrapolate it directly from the bible, you should know and trust thats its all the truth, really how could it be anything else.

  • prologos

    by definition one has to die (preferably as a martyr) to go heaven, so

    in some way Rutherford anticipated the earthly class of the 30s. also it was

    the GOLDEN AGE of the later awake.

    Whatever they were called then or Now, in 1918:-- WILL-- NEVER-- die. at least 2 000 000.

    at least 2 000 000 baptised publishers, at least ~90 years old . wow!

    all these projections are wrong.

    the end is very near and increase will be spectacular among those with spectacles or contact lenses, hearing aids, canes.

  • rebel8
  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    There is always someone who buys "unfilled Promises" from a Snake Oil Salesman. Otherwise, they would be out of business. lol

    Disgusting. I too drank the Kool-aid. I bought some of what those snake oil salesmen were selling. The simplified idea/ideal he is shilling/telling us is:

    Smiling "Snake Oil Salesman": Yes, sir-ree. You just take these here magazines, and you take this here territoree card, yes, that's right, you get your very own territoree card, now you go and knock on folks's doors and you say, "Stay alive till '75". Oh no, not that one! We already worked that angle. Catchy little slogan though. Lots of folks bought! Huh? lol Here you go. All righty, all printed up for you, each month! Memorize it so it sounds like you made it up, I mean we made it up, I mean you have to say somethin '.

    Now give them somethin ', so then you git to ask for a donation, because God don't want us givin it away for free. Yeah, you see God neeeeds monnney . He don't do those there mirry - cules no more. The Angels went and got unionized and those Commie guys, well, they ain't gonna do what god or nobody tells them to do, so now God hasta does his work hisself . He needs monnney and labur to see his will be done. So you better work it, so they give you monnney or else to get to that paradise we are promising you, you hasta give us your monnney , from your own back pocket. What you thought this s--- was free? No man. What you think, we are Jesus or somethin '? He don't need monnney , but we shirley do.

    Sheeple : as he drinks in the Kool-aid, "So I just hasta bother ...I mean knock on peopleizes door and God's gonna give me that here paradise? You promosed , right? Pinky swear?"

    Just Lois

  • notjustyet

    I probably read this on here in the past.

    Someone said that they heard that some JW had reasoned that those that died and then will be resurrected in the future after the big A WILL not die in the New Order. And this would make JF Rutherford words actually come true.

    He would make a great attorney or GB member.


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