Are Elders waking up to TTATT?

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  • jhine

    What is TTATT ? please tell me someone , anyone .

  • Phizzy

    TTATT is short-hand for "The Truth about the "Truth" " on here, it is an acronym for other things elsewhere, so we can only assume fellow JWNers understand if we use it.

  • jhine

    what is TTATT?

  • jhine

    sorry I posted twice by mistake . thanks for the answer Phizzy

  • hoser

    flipper: but my fanatic older JW sister his wife I'm sure keeps him in check.

    There is more of this goes on than we realize. The eldresses want to keep their position in the congregation.


  • sosoconfused

    I am a recent elder who stepped aside... it wasnt the truth about the truth that caused me to step aside. I just felt that there was no way in the world I could sit in front of a 50 year old man crying to me because he watched some porn 6 or 7 times and then telling him we would remove his previledges that he worked years to get. I asked him did he asked God for forgivenee said yes and that he felt so much better and relieved...

    Yet he was crying because now he has to wait for us 3 bozo's to apparently deliver the punishment god wants... I thought to myself, "Why can't we just ask god for forgiveness... then move on?" That is when it hit me that something just isn't right.

    Then all of a sudden everything else started happening as I mentioned in other threads about actually analyzing what we believe. So I think for most elders who leave it is because they realize they are in no way capable of deciding how someones life should turn out

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    SoSoConfused>>>>>Yay! Yay! Yay! We love normal! No more Bozos!!! and 3 gold stars

    Just Lois Who Can't Sleep

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I think being an elder is a polarizing experience: either you swallow the Koolaid unflinchingly, or your doubts become stronger.

    Although I didn't step down because I suddenly saw the light about TTATT, both my wife and I believe that as an elder I was unconsciously uncovering the real truth, which eventually led to my breakdown and sunsequent resignation as elder. It was 5 years later that the scales fell, and I can't imagine what that experiences would be like if I was still "in" as an elder. It must be horrible.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Hoser>>>Flipper>>>Ohhhhhhh! You guys. Naughty. Naughty.

    You guys are on a touchy, touchy subject of mine. Women Who Wear The Pants In The Cong, excuse me, I mean in the home, I mean, those women who think if their husband is an Elder, the automatic deduction in their head, is hey, I'm the boss at home, so now that hubby is appointed I'm a boss at the Hall too. I'm an el - durr - rette - ette , (in a sing song voice). Sicko.

    And I agree with you. If a strong willed woman wears the pants at home, there is no way Jose (it does rhyme, Jose is pronounced Ho- zay for those not speaking the native tongue of California lol), she wants to give up any so called power. Those women, (sorry Flipper no intent on your sister, I am sure she is wonderful, and the one, exception) I can't stand those kind of women. They stink. (Again Flipper. Not meaning to disrespect your sister. I am sure she smells...lovely. Yes, lovely. OK Flip? We fine here? Next time I'm in the ocean, I don't want you come huntin ' me down now. OK?) lol

    So, if an Elder wakes up to TTATT, and the "Elderette" wife does too, but doesn't want to lose her "position" = No happy wife = No happy life, it is probably desirous of him to stay in.

    If an Elder wakes up, and his wife never conceived of herself as being an "Elderette", their leaving/fading, would be so much easier.

    Elders out there. Wake up - wake up!

    Just Lois Still Can't Sleep

  • cantleave


    I think being an elder is a polarizing experience: either you swallow the Koolaid unflinchingly, or your doubts become stronger

    I agree with this. I know before I finally got DF'd I asked some very challenging questions, which I could tell got them thinking. They would come back with "we must wait on Jehovah", ignore logic, and strengthen their resolve. It was so frustrating, these were intelligent men!

    We were outed on here, that means that someone must have seen what we were posting and probably reading the posts around our comments to gain context. Yet they were completely uneffected, to achieve that level of intransigence they must have switched off any thinking ability.

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