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  • pixel

    C'mon. O Gosh.

  • villagegirl

    Say Wha ? Does anyone know that calling someone "crazy" is emotional and intellectual abuse ?

    Verbal abuse is using words like "stupid" "crazy" "ignorant" "dumb" to berate or demean someone.

    Shouldn't this be a safe and supportive place ? No "classes", no "restricted areas", no military checkpoints

    to guard restricted areas of no access, just amazing grace and free flowing holy spirit floating around freely.

    Can you feel the love ?

  • Terry

    I have what I think is a GREAT suggestion. You know it is good because I capitalized GREAT!

    There are different categories of topic on Jw-net, right?

    How about a "Crazy Room" where the lunatic fringe posters can go and scream, rant, nitpick, whine, argue, complain and discharge their

    bodily fluids?

    It would be a catharsis for them and sick entertainment for the rest of us.

    If your topic or post suddenly ends up in the Crazy Room you'd automatically know you have a problem. Realizing you HAVE a problem is half the game anyway!

    See, I told you it was a GREAT suggestion!

  • cedars

    Simon is a Scientologist? Sheesh, just when you think you know someone...


  • gma-tired2

    Dear NuttinHoney, I am rather new on this sight. I open this thread with no expectations from you. you come across like the last arrogant elder I had dealings with the most unpleasant experience of my Life. You have to be the one in the right even if it kills you. THINK OF WHERE YOU ARE COMING FROM WITH YOUR THOUGHTS!!!! The person you are making suffer is yourself, I can click off. As a born in it was a ending of the last of mt faith. By the way his attiutde ended with his being admitted to mental health ward ini a straight jacket This is fact. FYI I have never been DAd DFd or before a JC meeting. All was started by Elder daughter who was pressured by parents to marry because they thought it was a way to keep her from being DFd . Think where the attitude got this arragant A$$. Sorry to others this poster hit my button

  • Tater-T
  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    "10, 9,8,7,6,5,4," his post is still here and discredits the "op" bogus premise, I have seen Simon allow plenty of contraversial material here, this guy is probably someone I use to pick on as a kid or was himself a big bad bully! Using ad-hominens to attack, bad logic and lies is classic of the source the "Op Author" is running from. Simon, keeping this fool's post up promotes your honesty and allowance of "free speech". We know it takes a real asshole and evil sucker to be muzzled, I think everyone on this site would agree that person needs to go away!

    Simon can you pick up on users who are using that proxy service "HideMyAss" when users are above decide to pay for to play after they have been banned? Can you recommend some "proxy hiders", I visit sites of my old friends and I do not like them knowing I am there because they have caused so much evil in my life. What do you recommend to hide your ISP and computer, can a Host like you (forgive my tech ignorance) figure out their computer by some type of ID even though they scramble their IP address?

    Simon how many accounts displease you? I know many of us have two or three accounts and the reason we use each account various. Is there a reason why having a another account bothers you?

    I know I had to change my account when I lost my password with gmail and they refused to help me locate my password. For a small fee of $25.00 a hour, they promised they might but might not be able to find my password. What do you consider abusive?

    I had another question for you Simon, when E-Watchman made his farewell speach, he talked about Message Boards becoming irrelevant. I highly disagree with his premise because there are people who do not want their Facebook Account talking badly about the Holy members of New York. This is the reason I refuse to join Facebook, I love my annominity with JWN and I am sure there are friends who could figure out who I am if they put their heads together (Locally near my home, I speak of). I like your message board because we not plagued with a gazillion pictures of "fluffy and twenty seven more pet cats."

    What is E-Watchman talking about, has there been a markedly dropoff in usernames and members on JWN? Is E-watchman throwing a person dig our way, calling us "ancient technology" or is he jealous you have the most popular stop for ex-JWs?

    How many usernames begin to bother you? Thank you Simon for allowing memebers of the group to blow off steam and find other people who know what it's like being stuck in a cult! You are a saint!

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I'm pretty sure the entire world is ssecretly run by LOLcats

  • metaspy

    My ears bled from the caps lock and my eyes went blurry from the lack of paragraphs. If there was a point to the OP it was lost.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I challenge to leave this post up and see what others have to say

    5 hours -- nearly 450 views -- nearly 20 replies

    I think Simon met your challenge.

    I doubt you'll like what most are saying.

    Good luck.


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