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  • NuttinHoney69

    I ASK ANOTHER QUESTION WHY IS SIMON SO AGAINST ME. . This is is coming from me and myself only, I asking this question out of my personal issue I have with Simon and this website for banning me evertime I ask a question or post. So here it is...... YET SIMON CONTINUES TO BAN EVERY USER ACCOUNT I OPEN. JUST FOR HAVING DIFFERENT BELIEFS. FOR ASKING QUESTIONS JUST AS THE JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES DO To MEMBERS WHO DO THE SAME AS I DO.SO SIMON ARE YOU GONNA BAN THIS NAME TO JUST BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO CHALLENGE YOU. OH I FORGOT U WILL BAN EVERYNAME SO I CAN GO AHEAD AND WASTE MY SAD LITTLE LIFE (not sure if this is his exact words didnt watse the time to go back and look) I SEE WHY ONE OF THE RULES ARE TO NOT QUESTION THE DESCISION MADE BY ADMINS. WELL I AM QUESTIONING YOU. ARE YOU A WEBSITE TO HELP FORMER JW'S GET CONNECT WITH OTHERS OR ARE YOU A FORUM THAT HELPS ONLY THOSE FORMER JW'S THAT AGREE WITH YOU. I KNOW I KNOW YOUR THE MAN YOU RUN THIS SHOW. BUT I THINK YOUR MORE OF A SHAM. PROBABLY A LITTLE PUNK WHO GOT PICKED ON YOUR WHOLE LIFE AND ARE NOW POWER HUNGRY BECAUSE YOU CONTROL A FORUM WOW YOU ARE SO GREAT. TOUGH GUY YET I BET IF U MET ME IN PERSON YOU WOULD BE SHAKING IN YOUR HIGH HEELS, OR BOOTS NOT SURE WHICH YOU WEAR MY GUESS THE HIGHHEELS. I challenge to leave this post up and see what others have to say unless i am right about you and you are scared of what others will think and say. I have also heard (so far only a rumor) but that the Scientologists (another cult) are truely the people who run or own this website... So what do you have to say Simon? are you going to erase this post iout o fear of what others might think or how about you go ahead lets have it. Prove to me and others you are not the type I am claiming you may be here. I AM FED UP WITH PEOPLE WHO CLAIMS THEY ARE HERE TO HELP FORMER JDUBS and YET ONLY HELP THOSE WHo AGREE WITH THEM AND STILL HavE THIS CULT MENTALITY OF SHUNNING AND PUSHING OUT THOSE WHO HAvE DIFFERENT VIEWS

  • sir82

    Deletion in 10....9.....8....7.....

  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    Wow, aren't you just a little slice of heaven?!

    This will not last long.


  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Off with his head Simon!

  • Sapphy


    Teh illuminati.

  • Finkelstein

    Publicly disputing or arguing about moderator decisions
    If you disagree with any action taken then please raise it via email or PM.

  • happy@last

    Huh? WTH? From what I've seen over the last few months this forum is very much member driven, with differing views being acknowledged and discussed. I'm not sure what your history or agenda is, but your opening post makes me wonder.....

  • Simon

    I think you're showing exactly why banning you previous umpteen accounts was EXACTLY the right decision.


  • steve2

    NuttinHoney69 - your own unfortunate choice of words and the use of "loud" block capitals shows that there is more going on with you than you are even possibly even aware of.

    I do feel sorry for you that you seem to be unaware of how you are coming across. Your style of writing suggests you've got a host of issues that you have not handled effectively.

    Have the good grace to grow from feedback you have received rather than becoming unhinged by it. Please.



    What a Dumb Ass!!..You never Learn..

    Last time you got banned for the same stupid behaviour..

    Along with the duplicate account you had set up..

    .................................  mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

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