After fading for over a year...I finally cut my ties by posting on my Facebook page

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  • eyesropen323

    Thank you everyone!

    Here are some comments I recv'd:

    *Renee, you know you're doing the right thing, just think of your children and be thankful that God has set you free.....Rely on your friends and let God reunite you with those who are separated from you in His time! Stay strong...

    * Wow! Thanks for sharing that! God is so good!

    * Maybe we should go to my church ( the pool) everyone is accepted, all you have to do is show up, say your prayers and count meters not money

    * My former father in law was excommunicated in his 20's. Always said that was the best thing that happened to him.

    * Any religion that has family and friends SHUN one another is Bullshit!!! There is no love in that!!

    * The shackles of religion has been freed from you Renee!! You may now be free to live your life in harmony with Gods Holy Spirit.......Enjoy the Journey my friend!

    * find the God of your own understanding, sincere and be grateful,...and wonderful stuff will happen around you and in you.

    * Renee were so proud of you for taking a stand for what you believe.

    * Renee, words can't express how much I appreciate you having the courage to speak about your actions!! I too am a God fearing, christian woman. Without my faith, I would be a lost soul. I will pray for you and your family and also praise God for what a strong person you are. With God on your side, you will come out ahead. God bless you!

    * I have always loved you like my own and glad you can finally speak your piece and have your peace at last to live your life your way. God bless you and your wonderful family:)

    * Wow Renee, It's sad that your family is treating you that way. You are a good person and a good mom. I admire your courage for doing what you feel is right and believe in.

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi eyesropen323, Awesome, simple, and factual post on your Facebook page, but JW family and friends will not understand. I wish you and your family the best and hope that your JW family and friends will awaken soon.

    No matter how your JW family and friends react to you, I hope that you will continue to reach out to them. Even something as simple as sending them emails with lots of pictures of your family having fun together, could help to awaken them. Of course on the flip side, their cult persona will be soooo upset with you.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • eyesropen323

    Thank you Robert

    I do not have anymore JW friends or family on my Facebook. But I know my comments will be shared among other family members. I still will reach out. I contacted my mom the other day. She was very short on the phone with me but that's ok. I know she and my family still love me. And I know they are reacting to me the way they are taught. Before my eyes were opened I would've reacted the same way...I think. However, I was always more of a free thinker. And yes, this will make them more upset but oh well. My husband, children and I are so much happier!

    I thank everyone here on guys have been and will continue to be a support for me. I have wonderful friends in my personal life who are supportive as well. And its wonderful to see so many finally seeing the "truth about the truth".

  • LisaRose

    Wow, good on you. it's not always easy to know how to set yourself free, you did it! Here is to happily ever after.

  • Queequeg

    Very brave Renee!!!

  • Lozza Aussie
    Lozza Aussie

    Good one. I am pleased to hear that you and your family are free of this cult. YAY!

  • franticfran

    Well what a brave girl you have been eyesropen, theres nothing worse than not knowing where you are, you cant move forward and you cant go back either,because you now recognise just what this "society" stands for. I simply cannot believe that a loving God wants us to walk past our children in the street just because they do not wish to share our beliefs,no,no, that cant be right! Stick with the bible. They are fond of saying "leave it with Jehovah" which I always felt was a cop out for not dealing with things,but now when they do speak to me I always say to them, "well we are content to leave it with Jehovah" that usually ends the coversation. Good luck.

  • cantleave

    Nice job.

  • problemaddict

    Hey Renee. I am telling you the truth when I say I envy you a little. :)

  • Thor

    Wow! Good for you eyesropen!

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