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  • perfect1

    Mouthy you are so awesome.

  • Listener

    If this was discussed at the annual meeting then it is likely to be the belongings in Matthew 24:47 - FDS.

    Silly things is that they once knew what the belongings were, now they say they don't. Even worse, if they couldn't work out what his belongings were when they gave the talk about new light regarding the FDS then their ideas were only 'half baked'.

  • heathen

    If you go to the WT site they do say it also includes the great crowd , the whole FDS change is looking like another shot in the foot for them , now they are backing away from all the atempts made of unquestionable obedience to the john class , I think they needed to change the part where all partakers are considered FDS which is more or less damage control since some are not living accordingly and all do not deserve any judicial authority .

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    "I wonder if the org will go after those that have left or faded and say you are either for us or against us."

    They don't have the time to go after everyone that's left, a number that I suspect is greater than the current dub membership. It would leave them no time for their jobs, meetings, and bookselling.

    And it would expose the r&f to ex-dubs who know more about their cult than they do. Dangerous work indeed.

  • label licker
    label licker

    Something else the brother had mentioned was it included not just what was on earth but also in heaven.(forgot this part, sorry) We were wondering are they maybe putting themselves in charge of the annointed that are already up thereƩ(according to their doctrine) Then, they would be elevateing themselves higher then Jesus.(won`t be the first time)

  • newsheep

    Yes, I was told it could possibly be the "other" angels in heaven that they would be in charge of, that nothing was written down yet to confirm it. The brother that told us wasn't quite sure how to take it or explain it. It's one of those just wait and see. Maybe watchtower will try and get people to focus on something in the heavens so that they are not focused on the crap that they have been served here on earth. Who knows, who cares.

  • tec

    Yeah, I don't think there is anything more that they can claim as their own, at least nothing tangible (that would not backfire on them hopefully). They sure do like to make that verse say FAR more than it was ever intended to say, don't they, lol?



  • pixel

    Jesus ain't coming back for anything people. get over the fact that Matthew 24:47 and on is a parable, not a prophecy like the WT/GB/FDS wants people to believe.

  • Bobcat

    The problem with the whole concept of what Jesus' belongings are is that this is a parable. It was intended to answer Peter's question in Luke 12:41 following Jesus' encouragement in Luke 12:32-40 to be hard working, ever-ready disciples.

    In Luke 12:41 Peter asks if Jesus meant what he said about being ever-ready for just "us" or for "all." Presumably Peter has in mind possibly just the apostles as "us," or every disciple as "all."

    As verse 48 concludes, the parable is for "everyone to whom much was given " and "the one whom people put in charge of much." Of course, verse 48b is an accepted principle in many walks of life. But Jesus is applying it to the disciple community and in answer to Peter's question, which question itself was prompted by verses 32-40.

    Given that, the parable of the F&DS is for each disciple to consider. It portrays the rewards for hard, earnest work as being more responsibility. With the proviso that taking personal advantage of such rewards, or being neglectful, would be dealt with in a fair manner.

    Being promoted over "all his belongings" is simply a way of showing a progression of responsibility over the previous responsibility, which was being over the distribution of the food supplies, which itself was a progression from a previous level of responsibility.

    The WT idea and application of this parable is amateurish and self-serving. Jesus is the king of his Kingdom. He will always be over 'all his belongings.'


    True, Bobcat.

    If you have the WT CD-Library, just look up " belongings ", which are basically Christ's Kingdom Interests, including people who may be members of the Great Crowd. Of course every thing is circular and confusing. If the bible is written primarily for anointed Christians, who are stewards, and that stewardship includes helping humans come to Christ, then the FDS must be a parable that includes anyone who proves faithful and discreet. If helping someone come to Christ means that an individual is faithful and discreet then how can the following be true?

    Insight Book Volume 1: Faithful and Discreet Slave. ( comments added )

    Commentators often view this as a general exhortation to any and all who have individual positions of responsibility in the Christian congregation. The requirement of faithfulness in discharging responsibility clearly applies to all such. (Compare Mt 25:14-30; Tit 1:7-9.) Yet, the impossibility of each and every one of these individuals being placed over "all" his master's belongings at the same time, the time of the master's arrival, is obvious. ( yet we can have an unknown number of GB members placed over the belongings at the same time ) This, however, does not require that the "slave" prefigure only one particular person who would be so privileged. The Scriptures contain examples of the use of a singular noun to refer to a collective group, as when Jehovah addressed the collective group of the Israelite nation and told them: "You are my witnesses [plural], . . . even my servant [singular] whom I have chosen." (Isa 43:10) Similarly, the figure of the unfaithful "evil slave" could apply to a collective group ( so can we have a collective group or not? ) in the same way that "the antichrist" is shown to be a class made up of individual antichrists.-1Jo 2:18; 2Jo 7.

    So all Christians have a stewardship according to the WTBTS. That includes helping sheeplike ones become actual sheep. Those sheep are Christ's belongings. All JW's are responsible for preaching the good news, in fact you are bloodguilty if you don't. So the R&F have a stewardship, but are not stewards. They can't be individual FDS's because it can't be a collective who is placed over the Master's belongings.. Yet it is a collective, a collective of 8. It used to be a collective of 144,000! I have many articles to go through to sort this out. It is extremely confusing. No wonder JW's just throw up their hands and wait on Jehovah the GB. Add possible DF'ing to the mix and control is maintained!

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