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    Speaking of Biologos: I really liked the book The Language of God. I need to reread it because at the time, I disagreed with some of the premises in regard what seemed to me “predestination” which seems a form of determinism and leaves no room for free will. However, many reality of the matter is beyond determinism vs freewill, and our finite minds just haven’t grasped the concepts to understand it.

    Perhaps now that I’ve learned TTATT, I will be able to see the book from a new perspective.

    I know everyone groans, including me, when this line from Hamlet is brought up, but: “There are more things in heaven and earth . . . than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

    There is a truism to that. And I believe that includes my philosophy and anybody else’s.

    Before the 20 th century, nobody conceived of Relativity or Quantum Mechanics, which altered our concept of space, time, matter and energy, and overthrew the “atoms and void” deterministic worldview.

    Nobody conceived black holes or quasars or billions of galaxies arranged in clusters and superclusters. Nobody conceived of dark matter—something we’ve yet to figure out. Nobody believed the universe was expanding or had a beginning in a Big Bang. In the 90’s, it was a complete shock to find out the universe’s expansion is accelerating. Nobody yet can explain dark energy.

    I’m not saying that the answers cannot be found, but every answer leads to a startling discovery, and sometimes to more questions. I’m sure there are more surprises that await us, just in our universe alone—and who knows what surprises may lie outside our reality, beyond the realm of physical measurement and observation?

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