Is anyone here hooked on Downton Abbey?

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  • betterdaze
  • Finkelstein

    The acting is spot on and the way the series is created in dress and the script dialog is very good as well but the story is just too

    boring and a bit depressing for my taste. I guess being that it is a made for TV series I shouldn't expect the spark and liveliness

    as a typical theatrical movie production. Kind of like a turn of the century soap opera, well done but a bit boring.

  • wannaexit

    I love it. I started watching it first, but now hubby is addictited to it.

  • Mum

    Some of my Facebook friends went online and took a "Which-Character-Are-You on Downton Abbey" quiz. I took it as well. I am Mr. Bates, who is the character I most closely identify with.



  • thecrushed

    I'm still sad about lady sybils death after giving birth. :(

  • goatshapeddemon

    Totally. I just started watching it Thursday and have been on a marathon with hubby out of town! :-)

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Yes, yes, yes...and what an evening of entertainment - first Good Wife then Downton - sure gets your week off to a good start.

    The writing is incredible - the acting top notch, there is not one character that is dead weight - kudos to Hugh Bonneville (Lord G) and Rob James-Collier (Thomas) who have worked hard with their characters to give them life and believability.

  • Berengaria

    That quiz was cute Mum, I got Lady Sybil.

    I must admit, I vowed never to watch the show again after last weeks episode. Hrrrmph!

    Seven hours 15 minutes to Downton.........

  • Lozhasleft

    It gets better guys..........

    Loz x

  • AGuest

    "Mr. Bates," here. I love Cora/Lady Grantham's character best, followed by Anne Bates - I like the classiness of both, in spite of their different stations.


    SA, on her own...

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