To circumcise or not to circumcise?

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  • srd

    Here's a good one for you, looking at Gen 17 and Paul's subversive interpretive practices.

  • Heaven

    Those Bronze-Aged Middle Eastern Bible writers had definite sexual issues. There is no need to mutilate anyone's genitals.

  • srd

    Actually it was done to make and preserve an ethnic distinction, while Paul on the other hand sought to do just the opposite. Here's an excerpt from my post:

    The former text (Gen 17) was written to reaffirm and safeguard ethnic identity and Yahweh's "eternal" covenant to a Jewish people currently sitting in exile in Babylon wondering if their god would keep his covenantal promise to return them to their land (see contradictions #28-30). The latter (Galatians) was written to deconstruct ethnic and religious boundaries and identities in a strife-ridden pluralistic geopolitical world under a single ruler.

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  • james_woods

    The practice is idiocy - it is a primative genetic mutilation which has no place in modern society.

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Eff no!

  • james_woods

    May I remind the gentle readers of the thread - of the fundamentalist Jewish Rabbi who was found guilty of manslughter because he had (disgustingly) killed a baby boy by "biting off the foreskin" when he was himself badly infected by a venerial disease?

    This practise is nothing more than primative idiocy.

    It is barely removed from the Aztec cutting out of the hearts of ther human victims to bring back the sun.

  • snare&racket

    Anyone that tells you that circumcision reduces infection, explain to them kindly that removing your eye will prevent eye infections, however it is likewise idiotic to do so!

    Circumcision de-sensitises the glan, the penis head, and that is where sex-obsessed religions come in....

    Its dumb, its barbaric and a history book can nexplain its origins..... Its as Jewish as hamburgers and as godly as porn.

    snare x

  • prologos

    snare & R The eye has self-cleaning features, that the (sometimes too narrow) folds of the Big P have not.

    desensitizing the big G might have hidden benefits.

    Does not the other Abrahamic religion circumcise too?.

    What is truly tragic is female circucision. a reason to totaly abolish religion right there.

  • Sulla

    Well, the ancient Egyptians circumcised their boys, and I don't know that they are considered to be somehow hung up on sex. Indeed, the great majority of American men are circumcised and America doesn't seem to be hung up on sex -- if by hung up we mean not talking about and doing it all the time. Turns out, American girls like the look of it better. Whatch'a gonna do?

    Well, you're gonna snip your foreskin, is what.

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