Canada To Let Quebec Go?

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  • talesin

    fedup, that's a bit twisted and not too accurate.

    It has more to do with modern history ... read about the 60s/70s for more of the 'real truth'. Especially the "Trudeau" years.



  • fedup

    talesin, where do you live? and Why are you so angry at the French?

  • Satanus


    A lot of english canadians are tired of the quebec extortion game. Me, i see both sides of the thing.


  • fedup

    I think it's just politics, everyone everywhere will always cry for more, human nature really.

    Overall, Canada is a great place to live, Quebec is a beautiful Province, Old Quebec City is very unique spot in north america, feel almost like Europe there. Granted, gas and taxes are very high. Still rather be in Canada than many other countries

  • talesin

    I'm not angry with the French, I have just watched the federal gov't, since the Trudeau years, pour millions of dollars into the PQ economy, while they held the rest of the country hostage.

    Tell me,,, what other province has its own movie industry? What other province has its own music industry?

    Yes,,, hmmmm

    The federal government has poured billions into PQ, and the rest of the country sat back and said it's "okay" for PQ to hold us hostage because OOO, they might want to 'separate'.

    Give me a fuken break!



  • fedup

    I guess their strategy worked, who are the real dummies??

  • talesin

    There are no 'dummies' as you not so eloquently put it (NOT) ,,,, we, the voters, the people of Canada, had no choice. Almost every PM in my lifetime has been from PQ, except that arsehole Steven Harper.

    hahaha, you must be Quebecois,,, more power to ya. If you want to fess up,,, truth be told, it is the Quebecois who are the haters. I've experienced that hatred on a very personal level when travelling through la Belle Provence!




  • aposta-Z

    Wow! So much racism in here.

    I am Québecois. And yes I wish for political autonomy from Canada.

    " Quebec is a shit-stain on Canada's landscape. We have poured BILLIONS into that province with it's fuken 'distinct society'.." - talesin

    If anyone wonders why, I refer them to the above quote. Why would anyone want to be in a relationship where your partner sees you as a "shit-stain"????

    We don't want your dirty oil money, Canada.
    We don't want your Evangelical Prime Minister, Canada.
    We do not care for your support to the state of Israel.

    You can keep the name Canadiens (which you stole from us)
    You can keep your national anthem (which we wrote)

    Freedom for all.

    Vive le Québec libre!

  • metatron

    Yikes and Jeez Louise! I really didn't realize the full nature of this subject and the feelings underneath. I have faith that you nice people up North will fix things. O Canada! metatron

  • jgnat

    I might point out that we have a French heritage across Canada. Check out the place-names. Here in western Canada I've worked alongside French Canadians.

    prologos, I celebrate our glorious mosaic, so much more validating than the American melting-pot. Have Americans come to terms with the addition of a hispanic identity? Or does it feel somehow....un-American?

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