And yet another new member.

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  • mouthy

    A very big welcome from Granny on board .Your a very fortunate Atheist to lose that gal.
    She would have convinced you to become a follower of a false prophet. Believe me
    I followed it for over 25 yrs. ( stupid) I too have lost my daughter ,grandkids,greatgrandkids ,
    because i was given the left foot of fellowship when I said I didnt believe Jesus came in 1914.
    But I am Sooooo happy that AMO came in on our family in 2013...I can see ya! but I KNOW your here

  • AMO

    A very big thanks for all the nice welcome's, as i knew thay would be, but i thought it polite to ask first. Hope i don't dissapoint in my out of the cloudy fish bowl, looking in comments, lol.

    Thanks to this site& some others i was under no illusions as to what to expect after her jc. I also know it would of pained her so much not to be able to reply to my txt, but just would of liked to know how she got on, a rep or a df. I know with my list of bad assosiation thingys she would of been well on her back foot. Though we had a full on sexual relasionship we never had intercourse, she said she wanted to save that for her wedding night, which i totally respected. On a couple of occations i had to stop her going to far when she got carried away, lol but i knew her ass would of been straight out the door at a jc if she had to confess to intercourse also if it ever came to it, which sady it did in the end. Oh by the way i am a seporated 50 yr old with 2 sons 22 &15 ,she a single 44 yr old, i was her first ever bf, really sad, she has so much to give.

    Any way thanks again for the kind welcomes, here we go, heehee.


  • cofty

    welcome AMO

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Amo-Welcome to the forum!

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    welcome yes anyone interested in knowing the truth about jw's is welcome. TOo bad you didn't wake her up. 40 year old virgin needs help

  • mouthy

    Found Sheep >>> Naughty girl..

  • EmptyInside

    Welcome. I'm sorry your ex-girlfriend didn't at least give you a reason and tell you good-bye. Sadly,influenced by the cult,she forgot how to treat a person she cared about.

    I also feel sorry for her,because,especially at her age,her prospects of finding anyone to marry in the religion are very slim. I speak from experience and am not much younger than her.

    But,it's not too late for her,and maybe she will look back on the time you spent together,and it will move her to change.

  • Pickler

    Welcome AMO, from an xJW, also now a happy atheist!

  • Quandry

    Welcome. Wow, you know now what it is like to be shunned and you're not even a Witness! She could have at least explained why she's not speaking to you.....

  • shamus100

    We doesn't like outsiiders here... ** loads shotgun **

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