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  • nibbled

    I have friends in very cool jobs. My world interacts quite often with music stars, and I have interesting conversations.

    For instance, I was talking with the members of Animal Kingdom, and asked the lead singer about the lyrics I picked up while listening them perform for the group a few minutes earlier... I felt stupid because I hadn't realized the name of the song, and only had caught a few lyrics... he wrote of Mephistopheles. I was distracted during the performance, and it was standing before him that I realized that he could see I had recognized his "All Along the Watchtower" intent, but hadn't heard the keyword of who he summoned, "So, Music Mephistopheles I summon you to sing for me". (Look it up; I'm not gonna link it, read first who/what Mephisto is before you groove, please!)

    A few months ago I was listening to a band I saw perform recently at a major music festival in Austin, Texas, called Mumford and Sons. I was walking in the park and though I'd gotten to see them sidestage, I hadn't really heard the lyrics, the same as being up close and personal with Animal Kingdom and missing the point. Have you listened to Babel? Or Sigh No More? Can you hear what he's singing...?

    Then finally I felt like there was something going on and I was the last to know. New albums drop on Tuesdays, and I was the first to listen to a new album that particular Tuesday, and while it played I jumped in the shower. I had just hoped from something relaxing, it seems I'd been so sensitive lately to the lyrics or intent of music and I just wanted something to play while I enjoyed my shower and bubbles. You guys sing in the shower, right?

    Well, I found myself cold, I was stunned. Standing before my Bose setup not beliving what I was hearing. I had sort of, well, not even, but just said in my head, maybe a prayer?, no, just said in my head, before getting in the shower... I just wished there was something good to listen to.

    And here I was listening to this new release that days later was top of the rotation for all my friends in and related to the music and design industry.

    So I emailed the guy. A Boy and His Kite. I asked him if he was aware of this whole Christian music masquerading as popular music thing? Well, sort of. I basically was able to express my shock.

    Here's another popular but more indie band among my friends. City and Colour.

    So its strange that it was popular music among my friends who believe that religion is a mental disease (I believe in God not religion, but know I would be less respected for it) that led me here.

    I have a thousand plus Facebook friends, and friends who influence the music industry—and I am just dying to ask, do you know what you're listening to?

    I didn't. I've heard these albums again and again, and then one day I could hear.

    Is this old news? Is there something going on here? Another masquerading as innocent but bleeding light for those in the know, Avett Brothers.

    I started a playlist on my music service to add all these albums—I can't call them "Christian" as a genre, they aren't so labeled and besides we'd never know any of that music anyway... but I'm thinking this is new. You guys noticed it too? The playlist is was too full a week later. I still wonder and am working up the nerve to ask my friends, do you know what you're listening to? Do you not care what he sings about, what he believes, even though you wouldn't respect me the same if you knew I believed the same as he...? (Ok. So I rhymed. I'm a dork.)

  • Honeybucket

    philip philips- know your not alone

  • Satanus

    It has been said that artists are the prophets. But, it doesn't mean in the sense of making predictions and dates and crap like that. I understand it to mean in that they are cutting edge, the wave front of culture.

    It's true that most people don't listen, really listen to lyrics. Myself, i only check out the lyrics and what they mean, if the music has deeply touched me.


  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    did you make this thread just to plug your friend's shitty bands?

  • MrFreeze

    Barrold, I don't think Mumford and Sons needs plugging. You'll hear them every 5 minutes on the radio.

    I always thought their "Christian" thing was a little obvious.

  • LouBelle

    As an adult I know sometimes a song is just a song and a lyric a simple lyric.

  • Apognophos

    I read the OP very carefully and I have no idea what it's trying to say. Maybe after I figure that out, I can move on to song lyrics.

  • nibbled

    Apognophos the idea was, "Is it just me or is tons of "pop" music now Christian?" only not labeled with the appropriate genre/warning label.

    Alternately, do my atheist friends realize that they are rocking heavy rotation of Christian based lyrics on Rdio, or are some of my friends Christians in the closet like me? (No one would be in a religion, you'd be able to figure that out.)

    Most obvious lyrics were A Boy and His Kite, less obvious Mumford & Sons, dig the "what demon got my sister" of Little Hell album of City and Color.

    I was just listening to music one day, and then suddenly my ears were having hallucinations... only it turns out I did really hear that.

  • Apognophos

    Aha. Well, since I don't know that specific music, I can't comment on whether it's got a Christian message or it's just using Christian symbols because they're evocative and familiar, but I have a feeling it's usually the latter. I'm reminded of this album by The Thermals, which is not preaching as much as warning against overly-strict Christianity. But then you have true believers like Sufjan Stevens and Danielson Famile who make use of religious symbols more reverently. Perhaps they've started a trend....

  • OnTheWayOut
    Another masquerading as innocent but bleeding light for those in the know...

    Shirley, that happens all the time, and not just in music.

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