A keyboard confessional...

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  • Ucantnome


    how do you feel after nearly 500 posts?

    I feel that i won't post any more but then I do.

    but i hope that they find freedom without losing faith.

    Yes. I had a recent conversation with my daughter, she is adult and well educated, as to why I believe. I'm not sure that I always understand why. I explained what I think are the reasons.

    So she asked me why she believes. Couldn't have the same reasons I gave.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Hello Nibbled......I don't think I ever got around to welcoming you here. Glad you joined JWN.

  • rebel8

    I didn't reply because I don't understand a lot of your op, or what you're asking.

    I did ascertain you are in pain from the loss of relationships.

    You know what? Sperm and egg donation does not mandate love. Love is always a choice. Their behavior is about them, not about you.

  • perfect1

    You are in the Bay Area Bubble, and this is an International forum, where in your first posts you allude to some fame and greatness which you cannot reveal just yet, and being vulnerable- well- your posts are too vague to sound vulnerable.

    I have read your stuff and other than your name of God posts with A Guest I cant tell what youre about.

    In general- coming to a public forum with grandiosity and then whining about not getting what you need is a put off- and- if you post about religious beliefs- even if its about your dead father- expect some different opinions.

    Your post where you plug bands- weird.

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