Were/Are you and Elder, MS, CO, Bethelite, etc.? (Please check in here)

by El_Guapo 46 Replies latest jw friends

  • lrkr

    Former bethelite, former elder, former MS, former pioneer.

    Now- enjoying the unbelievable lightness of freedom. I occassionally remember the heaviness of slavery- but try not to dwell on it. My wife and son came with. Still have parents and siblings in who are very conflicted over how to treat me though.

    Welcome to those of you who made the leap- you will never regret it. Those who are still "fading" good luck to you- the sooner you make the break, the sooner the healing can start.

  • williamhconley

    Brant, welcome to the board and thanks for your informative post. Looking forward for more post from you. i have actually read your letters sent andt received from the WT. Its good to see others show courage and stand up against hypocrisy and abuse of power. Integrity and conscience are sacrificed by blindly follow the GB.

  • Lied2NoMore

    was an MS for 3-4 years, ALMOST an elder but thakful it never happened now, it was hard enough to quit as an MS.

  • Unlearn

    former elder, here.


  • BluePill2



    ...Regular Pioneer


    ...Bethel Elder


    ...Special Pioneer

    Becoming an ex ex-JW

  • Skypilot

    Elder for 34 years, hey Brant how you doing,
    I guess "they" wouldn't allow my first post, maybe I will have to tone them down a little. Jeezz Sam

  • fedup

    Born - in - Most of family still in.

    MS for 3 years

    Elder for 7 years

    Pioneer for 5 years

    FedUp with power hungry and heartless Elders, COs, DOs. Started researching, COC changed my heart around

    Haven't been to meetings, memorial, assemblies for years

    Now living the happiest time of my life

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