What is the most out of line / disturbing experience you have seen from Circuit Overseers?

by Poindexter Lionel Humperdique 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • jookbeard

    NVR2LR, the same kind of thing happened to me when a CO by the name of Micheal Purbrick gave a talk based on the scripture somewhere about " a load being light" and he twisted it around by speaking about the JW's should not view the requirements of meeting attendance/Field Circus/family bible study/pre study/prayer/pionsneering etc as being all being a heavy load but all rather a light load! what a load of old BS, this was a time when there were 5 full long meetings each week pioneer hour requirements were a lot higher back then, the talk completely contradicted itself and I walked away believing how detached from reality these childless company men really are, I was out within a couple of years thank god.

  • RayPublisher

    At the risk of being torn to shreds, I will proceed:

    Most of the COs I worked with over the years were, at least on the surface, good guys. Company men yes, most of them were of course. But when you're asleep in the Org you try and make it work I suppose.

    Keith Kelly was hillarious, like a standup comic. Didn't really teach me a whole lot but very entertaining, a real cut up. Even Guy Pierce, who was a new CO doing his first circuit when he served us in Nevada Circuit #1, was incredibly nice, and quite funny when he taught my pioneer school. Even though I know now most of it was crap, there was still some nice men I worked with when I was an elder too, like Gene Fields and Russel Weaver. Russel and his wife we very fun and easy-going, and liked to drink martinis when you took them out to dinner. Gene was one CO (I think he is a D.O. now) that really cared about people and was frank about the flaws of the pubs and the elders. I wish I could talk to him about TTATT, although it probably wouldn't do any good as we all know.

    Bob Kirk and Paul Sekella (sp?) on the other hand...well if you don't have anything nice to say...





    That all being said, here is my one "Bad CO" story:

    There was a CO visit where we needed to delete an elder. This CO did not want to remove the elder that we as a body recommended to be deleted. (If it ain't judicial it takes an act of God to get 'em out as they say) This elder was hurting people's feelings, shooting off his mouth, stumbling the friends and was harsh in his judgments. (It turned out a few years later we discovered he was a pervert and a cheat too.) Anyway, when it came time to decide, this CO calls for a secret vote, which is very unusual.

    Once he collects these slips of paper from all the elders, he says, well the majority has voted to retain him. Everyone was like "WTH?" looking at each other, but a vote's a vote so that was that. In the parking lot we started talking and lo and behold we HAD VOTED TO REMOVE this guy, but the CO had lied in his effort to keep the elder in. Pretty low stuff. He got called back the next day (Monday his day off!) and got his butt spanked but claimed it was an accidental miscount. Yeah right!

  • punkofnice

    I had the job of designing and printing the CO visit programme. On one of them I included the watchtower(R) logo.

    The CO pointed to the logo and said to me: 'You can't use that logo as it's copywrite.'

    I was speechless. I reasoned that the WBT$ wouldn't sue it's own. Surely it's just a sign used by god's 'organization'(TM)

    On reflection I see that those WBT$ schnooks will do anything for money, even sue it's own supporters.

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