What is the most out of line / disturbing experience you have seen from Circuit Overseers?

by Poindexter Lionel Humperdique 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • rowan

    Oh Marvin, that is a heartbreaking story. and sadly, so typical of these bulldog puppies. kudos for the elderly guy who stood up for himself.

  • hoser

    a CO falsely accused a MS of theft. It was a big deal in the congo and the young MS brother was so traumatized by it that he moved to another town and as far as I know has never held a position in the congregation again.

    a young brother in good standing was dating the daughter of the PO. The circuit overseer didn't approve for whatever reason and threatened the removal of the PO if something wasn't done. I guess the young man didn't have the status required to be in that "spiritual" of a family. The romance was broken up!

    and they talk about the catholic church "forbidding to marry"


  • rowan

    I got another one! this is a very old story, from before I was born, but my family still LOLs about it.

    My dad always made my grandma's house available to the COs for their visits after she passed away. It goes without saying, they all loved the privacy of being on their own for a week (where I come from the COs almost always have to stay with whomever is giving them a room, and most often they do not even get a bathroom of their own). well, as it happens, the CO lady got preggers. hehe. and the guy had the gall of complaining to my father that she got pregnant while they were staying at my grandma's cottage!!!

  • hoser

    off the topic but I wonder if the CO wife wants out of the work she doesn't just stop taking the pill on purpose as there is no other honorable way to quit the circuit work

  • Emery

    The guys aren't shepherds, they're sheepdogs.

  • punkofnice

    I remember a CO bellyaching about the accomodation he was kindly offered on his stay at the congregation. These greedy b*stards leech off the R&F and have the audacity to complain. They're nothing but paid clergy.

    Good grief this thread has made me want to go CO punching.

  • tiki

    no emery - sheepdogs are very cute and sweet.........they're more like nasty pit bulls that get their jaws in and won't give up. at least some of the dudes described here. the really nice ones were pretty few and far between - but they invariably were older who'd raised a family, worked for a living and had a little better sense of reality.

    i remember one that particularly disgusted me - he'd come and get up there and make fun of the congregation...and ohhh how everyone loved him and thought he was soooooooo wonderful. they guy was so full of himself it was appalling. he was another one of those standing up front waiting for people to come do obeisance. i never spoke to him once in his rotation. who needs that kind of arrogance.

    then there was one particularly mean-spirited one who gave a special needs talk aimed at a poor young man whose wife had opted out and divorced him.....he ragged on about making poor decisions....it was so uncalled for and unnecessary. the gentleman in question had done everything to preserve his marriage - but seriously, he ended up a lot better off without the tramp.

  • yourmomma

    i was sitting in the back row of the back room, which has a window, so you can see the speaker, and there were about 4 other people in the room. the CO is giving the talk, one of the people 3 rows in front of me asks someone they knew behind them for some candy, the person gently tossed the candy to him. The CO then stops what he is doing (how he saw this all the way at the other end of the hall i'll never understand) and says "there is a group of young people in the back room throwing things around, please go back and handle this." I look at my wife like WTF did he just say? and the entire 150+ people in attandance look at all of us like we just murdered a child. Since I had nothing to do with this, while I thought it was insane and outrageous, I also was thinking "wow, thats rough for them". a group of about 5 elders and MS's run back to the room as if there was a fire, im sitting there, amused. They come in and say that they must go sit in the audatorium, which was rough because the only seats left were in the front row, so they would have to walk all the way to the front row in front of everyone. then to my shock, they look at me and my wife and tell us we have to do the same. i calmly explain that i was not involved and I am not a young person, so clearly he was not referring to me. And in a demanding tone they tell me we cannot sit here. I tell them not only was he not referring to us, but the only seats left and in the front row. Didnt matter, they COMMANDED me to go sit in the front row. I looked at my wife and looked back at this posse of nut jobs, and said, "na, i think we're just going to go home." So we packed up our sh*t and left. The looks on their faces was priceless. That was the last time we attended a meeting at the hall.

    after that i got phone calls from people who were outraged by how we were treated but of course didnt agree with our stand to move to another hall. (there was alot of other stuff that lead up to this and this was the final straw) i am thankful that we did, because it made it easier for us to exit the cult.

  • karter

    At a C.A the C.O stopped his talk and asked the attendents to remove a crying baby.

    The mother was a study and walked out crying and never came back.

    Saved by the C.O.

  • CaptainSchmideo

    To paraphrase a quote from last year's political season in the US "None of these guys would be qualified to run a 7-11"

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