Why should this annoy me?

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  • punkofnice

    Long story short. I left the WBT$ and was forcibly DA'd for attending a Church.

    Wifey says she 'chooses' not to talk to me about 'spiritual'(TM) matters. I told wifey that she didn't 'choose' but was told not to talk to me about such matters by some men in Brooklyn. I told wifey that we should have the freedom to talk about anything and agree to disagree where needs be.

    Wifey says: 'I only married you because you was a JW!'

    Time ticks on and wifey gets colder toward me.

    Wifey leaves and calls me on the phone to say she left. A few days later she rings to say: 'Oh, and it wasn't because of the religion(R) that I left!'

    FFWD to now. Word gets back to me that the elders are convinced that it was ME that broke up the marriage. One of the phrases used by an elder was: '....after what he did to her.......'

    So yet again, as usual, she's obviously been slandering me to her beloved elders.

    What the...? All I did was leave the WBT$!!!

    This has really angered me..........but should it?? Should I expect this? I know I should expect it. I know I shouldn't let it rattle me..................but it does!

  • cantleave

    Yes it should anger you. You are being slandered!

    But you and I both know you can't win so don't let it consume you.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    you're a big bad punk, this shouldn't annoy you.

    don't you love it how they turn things around?

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Jehovah's Witnessescan only believe what is comfortable and convenient for them to believe.

    The one who left the troof could never be in the right so by default you are the one in the wrong and it is highly unlikely that opinion will change.


  • Phizzy

    All sorts of rumours were spread about me after I first left, one was that I had left to start my own religion !!

    Of course for me it was easy to laugh those off, for you it must hurt, your name is being besmirched and you have no way of establishing the truth in the minds of the JW's concerned, no surprise that, JW's do not seem to be able to assimilate truth.

    It is so frustrating I know. The only way you could get some redress pehaps is if you have proof that a JW is repeating these things, tell them you are taking them to Court for slander. They may then backtrack and tell others to lay off. You can always back out if they called your bluff and said "see you in Court", but I doubt that will happen.

    They can't pull the old "We don't take each other to Court " thing on you can they ?

    Good advice from Cantleave, whatever, do not let it consume you.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    You're angry because you have been deeply hurt, Punky. You found out that your wife's love was not unconditional. It was only as long as you remained a JW. (Or she said that to wound you?)

    Really, Punky, you can only look at things from your vantage point. Your wife probably sees things differently.

    A lot has happened in a short frame of time. People are going to think and believe whatever they choose to believe. And witnesses have persecution complexes, so they are inclined to think you are demonized even if your wife hadn't blamed the break up on you. Remember, you're the one who left "the truth". Not only did you leave, you ran to (church) Babylon the great! And now you are a scary atheist!

    And you have children and they have been affected by the break up of your family.

    Just hang in there! Please deal with your anger. It is understandable anger, but it's not healthy for YOU.

  • punkofnice

    cantleave - As long as I'm normal!

    J. Hofer - Yes. I just KNOW it's because of the 'mind cleansing'(TM) they go through. They can never attribute anything bad to the WBT$ so it must be the one that left, questioned that is evil. After all in their minds I 'know' it's the truth(R) but I am too evil to worship their paedopile loving god.

    Amelia - Thanks. Yes. JWs suffer from the worst case of 'confirmation bias' since north korea.

    Gad it angers me. I try to rise above it but 'taint easy!

  • punkofnice

    Phizzy -

    one was that I had left to start my own religion
    Hahaha. That's what they said about me.

    Yes. You've put it in a better way than I did as to how it makes me feel. JWs don't speak to me now so I will have no opportunity to tell the to cease and desist.

    Rip -

    witnesses have persecution complexes, so they are inclined to think you are demonized

    Oddly I have also been labeled a false prophet too. I feel so sorry for my daughter who is still in the WBT$....truly sorry for her.

    Injustice is the WBT$'s middle name.

    Candice Conti and Bo Juel Jensen ROCK \m/ \m/

  • cobaltcupcake

    There comes a point where you stop caring what those people think of you.

    When I left, as I found out years later, rumors were rife:

    I'd had a mid-life crisis.

    I'd run off to chase my favorite singing star.

    I was crazy.

    I'd become a lesbian.

    It couldn't possibly be that I didn't believe that codswallop any longer. None of the rumors bothered me because I simply didn't give a flying fork what any JW thought of me.

  • DesirousOfChange

    It couldn't possibly be that I didn't believe that codswallop any longer.

    Cobalt, it had to be something about YOU. It could NEVER be that there was something wrong with THEM!


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