Why should this annoy me?

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  • punkofnice

    Phizzy - Thanks. There'd be a lot of elders in hospital LOL

    I've figured out reading this thread that the main reason I am irked is because I have no way of telling my side of the story or at least having an opportunity to set the record straight. They wouldn't listen. They don't want to hear my side. They'll only listen to wifey's slander and because it's exaggerated and sensational they'll lap it up.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I'm wondering how this idea might pan out:

    Write a letter to each elder and to each household in the congregation(s) outlining it from your perspective and appealing to their Christian () qualities, insert appropriate scriptures etc too, ...you know the score. This could well be the best value ££s spent in a while... shame you couldnt see their faces and the hoohaa it would cause though.

    Wifey might have egg on her face too.

  • erbie


    You and I are in a similar neck of the woods so I appreciate what it is like.

    I stopped attending the cult meetings and my wife carried on for a while.

    Then she decided to have an affair.

    Of course, her parents and the rest of the cult were insistent that it was my fault because I had stopped attending-she was not reproved.

    Now she has left and is very angry at the cult for brainwashing her and angry at me because we got married so young.

    However, she refuses to admit that her parents are responsible for raising her into a cult and filling her head with wild delusions.

    I never pressured her into leaving but they did pressure her into attending and ultimately, that is what made her 'break out'.

    Its so sad and I know I'm not a unique case because the fact of the matter is that the Watchtower cult breaks up families.

    Whatever else happens, never doubt that you did the right thing by leaving the cult!

    I gave my children freedom from the cult and that is probably the most important gift I could ever have given them.

    At least, that is what they now tell me

  • nugget

    It annoys you because you are a human being with feelings that can be hurt. We know that JWs are capable of mean spirited actions but it still hurts when they do this to us. It hurts more because it is unjustified and slanderous.

    As you move further away from them what they think will mean less to you.

  • punkofnice

    WMF - What an interesting idea. I think I'll spend the postage money on beer instead lol

    Erbie -

    the fact of the matter is that the Watchtower cult breaks up families.

    Very true. The public editions of the washtowel and asleep! are full of honeyed lies about how JWs keep families together. I get where you're coming from. I feel your frustration and pain.

  • punkofnice

    Nugget - I think as well it's because the elders are believeing wifey's lies without asking me for my side. I don't expect they will as I'm a 'mentally diseased apostate that the Jehu elders should slaughter as I spread my gangrene'(TM). Their cult conditioned, closed mindedness frustrates me.

    It frustrates me that wifey is allowed to get away with what can only be described as tabloid type slander. I think she actually spins a story and starts to believe her own BS. She is on tablets for paranoia which the elders seem to bypass.

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