At what age do you think people should start dating? What age did you start?

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  • MsGrowingGirl20

    Hey guys! I hope that everyone is still holding on amidst all the struggles.

    I know that there are parents, older ones, middle age and younger ones here.

    Sooo, my question isss- What age did you start dating and what age do you truly believe people should start dating? And why?

    Thanks in Advance.

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    I was 16 as a JW when I started dating. I got a hard time about it from other witnesses, not my mom so much. I think parents need to be very involved in their kids especially when they are teens. I think I would be ok with my kids dating around 15 or 16. But I have about 11 years before that and I reserve the right to change my mind when that time comes.

  • jgnat

    Pregnant at sixteen. I can't say that I've ever properly dated.

    For my daughter, it was group dates until sixteen.

  • tiki

    past the bloom of youth, of course.....preferably post-menopausal.

  • Finkelstein

    Under controlled supervision 17 or 18, any younger the emotional maturity hasn't developed in younger teens to a extent where stability is present.

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Under controlled supervision

    Without a doubt. I like the group dating too. I will remember that.

  • wasblind

    Like the corners of my mind
    Misty water-colored memories
    Of the way we were

    Scattered pictures, Of the smiles we left behind

    Smiles we gave to one another, For the way we were

    Can it be that it was all so simple then?
    Or has time re-written every line?
    If we had the chance to do it all again

    Tell me, would we?could we ???

    Couldn't help myself

    I was allowed around at sixteen Group date

    at eighteen I was allowed on my own

    I accompanied my older sister on dates as a spy

    for my mom. At eighteen she thought we were

    capable of conductin' ourselvers " Proper"


  • mrsjones5

    My oldest son started at 15 but it was highly controlled. He's eighteen now but doesn't go on many dates. He and his friends mainly hang out in groups and plan for their next comicCon. My daughter just went to a dance at her high school along with a huge group of friends last night. I've asked her and she doesn't seem to have an interest in dating anyone right now. That's fine with me. Oh she's 15.

  • wasblind

    Hello there Josie,

    I made good snack money keepin' tabs on my sister

    even made better when my sister paid me not to tell

    If my mom hada ponied up a bit more cash

    I believe I woulda start tellin' lies

  • mrsjones5

    Funny, too bad I didn't have any older siblings.

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