Going to 9:30 am meeting. Oh Joy...NOT! Cliques anyone??

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    dazed but not confused

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    label licker

    I abhore cliques. That in itself is emotional abuse for the lowly one and these little morons the abusers are blessed with rewards. Feel sorry for them for they are getting their reward in full NOW as Jesus would say to the pharisees. Society starts it with assigning labels and then it trickles down to the elders who promote it. How? Most commonly with the elders wives who dictate to their husbands who they will only work with out in service along who should be appointed. God help the poor person that is being studied with by the elders wives( usually some parents kid who comes back in the fold) for they will be used at every assembly with two or three parts just in one afternoon session. They will be smothered by that elders wife and only her friends and so that poor individual will never know things like widening out, agappe love, not showing favoritisim ect,,,, The same goes for our cobe who takes all the ms's out on his boat or has pool parties with only the elders, ms's, pioneers and their close friends. Just remembering those things would crush my heart. You could see the pecking orders and any left over crumbs would go to the publishers. What were the crumbs? It was having to hear all about the good times they had the next day out in service. It's pretty bad when your cobe announces from the platform these words: "I don't want anyone here tonight to think there was any simoney going on but so and so is now a ministerial servant." Meanwhile the kid was only eighteen years old, looked after the cobes house and dog while he was on holidays,pioneered, joined the RBC ect now he's twenty expecting his first kid. Can't do any of that stuff anymore. Again, this kid was right out of the world but was bestfriends with one of the elders wifes study(who also got pregnant after hubby was made ms) so all these kiddy studies coming in make the elders look like they are doing their jobs to the CO's. Then, they are rewarded with labels. Just from one elders wifes study, five of her buddies were made ms's within the same year. We couldn't stay and watch it anymore. It's pretty bad when all of them live on the same street as the elder that studied with them. One of them has alot of mental problems ( he's thirty but has the maturity of a fifteen years old) and none of them work even parttime and the scary part is this is the next generation to take the lead? That's the click that's in our hall. It's really too bad.

  • snare&racket

    One day you will pity these people..... they are falling into a hole they may never climb out of, they may climb out before they die if they are lucky.

    As you stand over the hole looking down at them, falling deeper and deeper, together in cliques.... just feel sorry for their delusion, for they feel they are falling to paradise.

    I am not sure what your future plans are, but I strongly suggest getting school smashed, do the VERY best you can, get to college and enjoy life. I assure you, you will make the best of friends there, you will have your own independant life, and just the idea of being in one of those cliques will just sadden you. They are waisting their life for a publishing/property company. Go live your own life lil sista xxxx

    Snare x

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

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  • suavojr

    Never heard the word clique before... I looked it up am OMG! I am have part of of cliques all my life Well I will let you know how it goes today when I go to my meeting at 3:30pm EST.

  • ShirleyW

    OneStep - Why are you going to the meeting?

    Do you still live a home with your folks are something?


    Why do you have to go? If you are a sister then can't you play the " illness " card? I am not trying to be sexist here, but it seems like sisters can use this reason with more success. If you are a man, then you are supposed to be the head of the house spiritually and it makes it more difficult. There is an added stigma for a brother who misses meetings, at least it seems that way. Any friends who are your real friends will still be there for you.

    I know the types you are talking about. The young hot Elder's wives that think they are the shizz. Or the older wives and pioneers, who never have publisher dinners, just pioneer dinners....

    To quote 00DAD " Let's review, It's a cult!"

  • label licker
    label licker

    Data dog, thank you for confirming in my mind that it's not us or that we're too critical of our bros and sissys. It's everywhere

  • EmptyInside

    I've been around long enough to realize that most of the super "elite" families in the religion will some day be humbled.

    I don't want to wish ill on anyone,but it happens.

    We had a couple elders who were quick to judge others in the raising of their children,especially teenagers. But,some time later both dealt with being deleted,having their own children disfellowshipped,having grandchildren out of wedlock. Now,that is only two examples.

    Don't worry about them,people are people and treat everyone kindly. Maybe go talk to the lonely, older sister sitting there in the corner. I respect everyone much more when they treat everyone the same.

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