The story of Bo Juel Jensen - the man behind the Anti-Watchtower media campaign in Norway

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    Great article Cedars, have retweeted.

    Loz x

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    A very moving story, as as already said in no way isolated, the policies of the WTS protect the predator, not the victim. Bo is a survivor like many of us, and courageous to have done what he has.

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    Band on the Run


    I am not certain that I can summarize it quickly. The WT interprets some obscure scripture to mean that in order to disfellowship a member there must be two adult witnesses to the act. So children have not been believed, despite what corroborating evidence is presented. It would take an extraordinarily stupid pedophile to commit the act in the presence of two adult witnesses.

    The WT has never said that pedohilia is fine. They have discouraged members, though, from reporting to worldy authorities, such as the local DA. There are cases, such as the Conti one, where elders had actual notice of pedophile action on the part of a member and did not give anyone else notice. This is exactly what the Roman Catholic church did. I expect there will be pedohiles in every org.

    My assumption is that they believe some prayers with elders can convert someone with this disorder. Society, in general, has noticed the astronomical recidivism rate among pedophiles and accepted strong measures that would not apply to murderers or rapists.

    The law had a presumption that young kids lie. Social scientists have concluded and convinced legislatures that children rarely lie. It is similar to women who were raped. Few women were believed before DNA testing. The women's movement changed the laws.

    Most people would feel that an adult can take care of themselves more than a young child can.

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    Thank you Cedars.

    When reading the article on I felt that for me this was some of the best news you have reported so far.

    At the same time I had a powerful feeling that the best is yet to come.

    Go Cedars, go!

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    Pink sapphire

    Bo is doing some amazing work in bringing this issue to fore. Well done in that he is able to speak on behalf of many who can't

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    When Bo finally mustered the courage to tell his mother what was happening to him, both of his parents, along with Bo, went at once to the police. The police had experts talk with nine-year-old Bo, giving him immediate relief, like this was all behind him now. Everything was okay. This was a bad man who would be punished. Bo was safe now. But nothing happened, except that the molester was disfellowshipped. And the reason that nothing happened is that Bo's parents withdrew their complaint, due to the persuasive power of the elders at the Hall. "You don't take your brothers to court. Trust in Jehovah and everything will be okay." Without a complaint, the police had no case. What made it so onerous is that the predator actually confessed to molesting not just Bo, but several young children at the Hall.

    It seems that Norway has a strange laws of criminal procedures, doesn't it?

    In the western countries I know, in a criminal case, prosecutions are to be started by the state. It is the government (represented by the prosecutor) who generally brings charges against a suspect before a grand jury or a judge. If police learns about a criminal case, police is obliged to prosecute the criminal, no matter what the victim's family wants them to do.

    So, as far as I understand my own country's law system, it is never the family of the victim that decides if someone has to be accused of being a criminal. It is the state authorities who fell that decision.

    (Keep in mind, criminal procedure is not the same as civil procedure. It's clear that a civil procedure would be possible only if the victim - or his family - decides to impeach.)

    But Norwegian police knew that Bo was molested, the knew who molested him, but the police could not start prosecution because of Bo's parents' objections?? If so, Norwegian laws are even more disputable than some WTS doctrines ;-) So a short explanation of Norwegian law system would be helpful to understand what has happened in Bo's case.

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    Well done Cedars, well done Bo! So sorry, for what you have endured and for your strenght in talking about it.

    Now, many ex JW's children abused should should stand up and talk about their abuses, condemning the Watchtower.

    PS: I loved your comment Band-on-the-run..

    Regards, Claudia

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    Richard's account is very good, thanks for posting it Cedars. Bo is a real dynamo who i believe can make a real difference through his determination and articulate communication style.

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    Go Bo! is he on JWN yet ?

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