If This Site Was A Religion

by label licker 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • scary21

    Just for laughs

    I am starting a new religion...... It will be the LOT....yes the LOT ....lovers of truth !

    Positions will change yearly, so if you are not on this list, you WILL be on it next year'

    DO- Tec

    CO- Blondie, Flying high now

    COBE- Mouthy

    ELDERS- Jgnat, Mrs. Jones, Long haired girl, Band on the run, Tailsin

    MS- Billy the ex, Flipper, Punkofnice, Moshe, Wha happened,Minimus, Outlaw, WTWizard,Lars

    Cleaning lady - Aunt Connie

    Cleaning lady's helper - Scary21

  • mouthy

    What is a COBE..Crafty old bitch even????

  • wasblind

    OH MY GOD !!!!! LOL @ Mouthy

    No Granny, It's Craftiest ol' "B" Ever

    You make my day

  • mouthy

    Ok I will accept the postion

  • scary21

    Mouthy, It's what they call the head honcho elder, head top elder. Forgot what it was called before. Now it is called the " coordinater of the body of elders "...... you know how they keep changing the language........sooooo pure lol......

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    I'll be the congregation party planner

  • mouthy

    Thanks scary21 for enlighting me

  • Cagefighter

    It would be the "Divine Light and illumination of the Cagefighter as channelled through the matyr of the deceased but ever present bad monkey named Shamus that watches all of you when you think you are alone watching interent porn".

    For our first communion all of you men and unattractive women will find a cup of Kool-Aid in front of you. Please drink and see the light. Those of you left...meet me in my chambers for some "divine inspiration, there is a bad monkey that needs a spanking".

  • Londo111

    I think I’m the low hour publisher who doesn’t get to carry the mikes until he puts in more time. But no matter how much time I put in, nobody will let me near the soundbox.

  • label licker
    label licker

    Oh, new rules to field circus. We go shopping, visit friends who are already in, go for breakfast, Pull over and eat lunch, head back for another drink, drive out to countryside to see who your next rv will be, drive back to the city and do a driveby, go back to hall and use washroom, kill twenty minutes looking at backboard, and stop fifteen minutes early and call that your full day out in service. Oh what am I saying, that's what they do now. Or would there be field service? Knowing Mouthy she would say yeah and call it picketing!

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