New "Jehovah's Friend" video - Lesson 3: Pray Anytime

by cedars 47 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • emperorslaundrist

    eek! the scene where she is alone on the bus hit me in my gut

    Jehovah's Witness+Aspergers+hostle/dead family members=no human contact

    Jehovah and the family cat were the only one's I talked to- then the cat got ran over.

    but hey, at least I could pray!

    sorry went to a dark place for a sec

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Just a song, eh? The message must be to get JW kids to pray in school. Too bad they don't show a little more "real life" situation, like praying with her single mom in their run-down apartment, or praying while dad is drunk and beating mom.

    I think the #1 parody would be "Fart Anytime"

  • 00DAD

    "Anytime, anywhere I can pray,

    Unless I'm DF'd the elders say ...

    Then there's no hope,

    Might as well get a rope,

    And go hang yourself anyway!"

  • dmouse

    Why isn't Caleb holding mummy's hand - has she fallen out with him after all that flack over Sparlock?

    Or, if they were all holding hands in a circle that would look too much like a seance, and seances make Jehovah sad...

    As there is no food on the table, what are they saying in their prayer, 'Thanks for nothing...' ?

  • 00DAD

    Of course she's going to pray before a geometry test, because she didn't have time to study going to all those meetings!

    And just why does Sophia take the short yellow bus to school?

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    LOL you guys.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Can't wait to watch this POS

  • cedars


    I think the #1 parody would be "Fart Anytime"

    You and I have a disturbingly similar sense of humour. That was JUST the parody I had in mind.


  • Retrovirus

    Anywhere anytime I can pray. . .

    Ah, not exactly. When a baptised sister , or better still a brother is offering a prayer, all you get to do is follow along and say "Amen".

    Never too soon to teach Sophie her place and her prospects!

  • TimothyT

    Lol... love it. I guess these videos are more cringeworthy than anything because we know the mind's of young children are so impressionable. It feels so wrong.

    Anyway... I came up with my own parody...

    'Gay anytime' :)


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