New "Jehovah's Friend" video - Lesson 3: Pray Anytime

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  • goodsoul

    So watchtower's god will listen prayers only when you tilt your head and put your hands together. No alternative. Especially when you at public place. Otherwise you can't expect watchtower's god friendship. How then to understand Jesus' words :"And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward."(Mat.6:5) JW teaching their children to be hypocritical..

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Pass the sick bucket!

    I know my hearing is not as good as it used to be but I can't tell a word that is being sung.

    I still say the Watchtower is trying to let the general public know how child friendly they assume to be.

  • d

    Wow seeing from a objective view this is weird.

  • soiledumpling

    Did anyone notice that at breakfast the whole family is holding hands except Caleb and mummy?

    I wonder why? Lol

  • ndmom73

    I think what I found interesting is the hand holding at prayer around the dinner table, this is not something I ever witnessed as a JW (we always clasped our own hands together) and the other was the kneeling prayer at bedtime again something that we never did (we would pray together sitting at the edge of our bed with our heads bowed). I remember the talks about "not praying like the hypocite" and for some reason I felt like the holding of hands in prayer like in a restaurant was not to be done and the same for the kneeling in prayer as you often see from other religions was not to be done. Again, not something that I was taught but it definitely felt implied. Maybe I am the only one who felt this way?

    What bothers me the most about this video is how sad and alone she looked on the school bus. I have nothing against prayer but damnit what that little girl needs is a childhood which is something she won't get as a JW.

  • goodsoul

    10. Must we assume a special position or posture when praying? No. Jehovah does not require any specific position, either of the hands or of the whole body. The Bible teaches that it is acceptable to pray in a wide variety of positions. These include sitting, bowing, kneeling, and standing. (1 Chronicles 17:16; Nehemiah 8:6; Daniel 6:10; Mark 11:25) What is truly important is, not some special posture that can be seen by others, but the right heart attitude. In fact, during our daily activities or when we are faced with an emergency, we may offer a silent prayer wherever we are. Jehovah hears such prayers even though they may go completely unnoticed by those around us.—Nehemiah 2:1-6.(WTBRT, ch.17) Why than during lunch girl showing to other that she going to pray? Usual for JWs self-righteousness..

  • RayPublisher

    Actually very good quality and catchy too. It will definitely help indoctrinate the youth on the name "JEHOVAH" also, which is part and parcel of the brand name(s) they are selling to their constituents.

  • sd-7

    One thing I noticed is, why are they having the family hold hands there, but they're not allowed to at meetings when prayers are said? Crazy.

    Secondly, she breaks out the 'Learn From the Great Teacher' book, but no sign of a Bible anywhere. Guess we see what's important, then...

    Third, note the sad expression on her face as she is returning home from school. 'Pressures from Satan's system' abound. Maybe that kid with the earring in his ear was staring at her from across the lunch table (see 'Young People Ask' video): "You're different from the other girls."

    Otherwise, not really on the same level as Sparlock and Caleb. Still some emotional/behavior control--you should be sad after a day at school with non-JWs, and you have to make a spectacle of yourself by praying at lunchtime with eyes closed and all that. More timely guidance from the masterGod slave class.


  • cult classic
    cult classic

    These stupid videos remind me of my JW upbringing. I probably shouldn't look at them.

    So further reminder that you should be praying to some imaginary being instead of interacting with those around you and living the life you have.

    ndmom I was thinking the same thing about the bus ride home.

  • perfect1

    Ok 2 things here:

    1. When they are praying at the table there is no food or drink. Empty cups, bowls, and plates.

    2. I think the budget for these productions must be wearing out. I can see where the animator took a lot of short cuts to not model the scene very well in the software. It is easier to create objects than complete environments- you can see in the way its made of vignettes that stand alone without back grounds or buildings or other spatial constructions.

    ok 3 things:

    I never prayed kneeling at my bed. Girl looks really sad riding the bus with her head bowed. I prayed most of my life, then I realized it is all imaginary. God doesnt hear what I say, and he isnt watching me.Thats what they are teaching the kiddoes hear.

    Thanks Cedars! Although I appreciate your efforts they often nauseate me. This is no exception. :)

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