Annoying 2/15 WT - Don't Be Stumbled- your Mind Just Misunderstands !

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    When this homosexual brother does all of the above and still feels like a homosexual, guess he figures God does not care. So he ( hopefully ) no longer wants to be a JW. Happy ending !

  • flipper

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- I'm really sorry you experienced such suffering and unjust treatment from the elders regarding your being abused as a child and how hypocritical they were when you tried to expose child abusers in your own kingdom hall. It's disgusting that the elders showed favor and compassion to the pedophiles and not victims of abuse, including you. I admire you greatly for doing what you could to expose it though. You did the right, humane, ethical, moral thing in doing that. Hopefully from your exposing the abuse, more parents in the future will protect their kids not only from congregation molesters, but protect their kids from elders who allow it to happen !

    The WT articles example of the homosexual man just needing to go to meetings and service really grated on me as well. Disgusting. WT Society doesn't know the first thing about what makes normal humans tick.

    SCARY 21- Indeed. Hopefully this gay JW will figure it out and see that the elders are just being controlling and spewing out WT functions to him and he'll see that it's O.K. to be who he is as a gay individual to go live a happy life and not to be dominated by the WT Society. I hope he sees that as well

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Just look what Franz did to his own nephew for an idea of how insane he was.

    I never thought of it this way, but yes, even the GB have no regard for family. Why should we expect them to care about our family.

    It's relly amazing what they are saying here. Basically, they can give the craziest advice and direction, and if u can't understand it, it's becasue of you. So anyone who looks at the WT and says "wtf?", simply has to be satisfied with not having a clue. These old guys are trying anything to keep people from thinking. I'm guessing that the letters that come in unanswered are introducing a lot of questions and they are trying to stay a step ahead.

  • flipper

    BLINDERS OFF- Thanks for marking.

    WHA HAPPENED ? - Exactly. It's all about control & money to WT leaders and making sure they keep rank & file from getting too close as family's as well. I know for a fact that GB members don't care for their families as I've talked with one who had a GB member in their family. Just given the cold shoulder totally. If WT leaders can conquer and divide rank & file JW's by dividing their loyalties even in families- they'll do it. They have no conscience whatsoever or ANY moral compass. The shunning policy is a huge evidence of that as well

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