Annoying 2/15 WT - Don't Be Stumbled- your Mind Just Misunderstands !

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  • undercover

    They encouraged him to thrw his burden on Jehovah and stressed that the most important thing was to please God.

    I actually like this one. If you're being interrogated by two SS officers elders, all you have to say is, "I've thrown my burden on Jehovah. It's in his hands. He knows my heart. I am at peace. You may go now"

  • tiki

    the perceived injustice - you misinterpreted the situation or misunderstood.....that just opens the door so anyone can do anything no matter how unethical, and if you dare complain or try to rectify, it's YOUR fault - you just don't get it, do you?!?!?!

    oh brother monied, brother treacherous didn't really bilk you out of that $5 grand you loaned misunderstood.....forgive and forget. blah blah blah

  • flipper

    Thanks for all the really great resonses here. I think it's important for lurking or exiting JW's or those who are considering exiting- to see the REALITY of what really happens in the congregations as opposed to what they are TOLD happens in the congregations by the WT Society. You know- let's put some real into their reality.

    IAMALLCOOL- Thanks for the thumbs up !

    SD-7- WT Society thinks all JW's are sinning, imperfect pond scum. They pound them with guilt- it's how they control em' . Sick puppies.

    HOSER- Very true. WT Society constantly tries to influence JW's into thinking ANY kind of abuse is normal. So weird.

    00DAD- Got it bro, got it ! LOL ! Love your satire and humor.

    BOB_NC- Don't feel bad Bob, we ALL used to read that drivel. I agree with you- the WT leaders and writing committee know EXACTLY what they're trying to do in controlling JW's. They don't fool most of us here for a minute.

    CLARITY- You make some really, really good points. I agree. I truly believe the WT Society SHOULD be brought up on criminal charges for the mind control tactics they use because it has enabled 7 million JW's to turn their brains off to even criminal activity on the part of the WT Society. So it is the WT leaders- the lunatics running the asylum essentially. Fortunately, lately here on the NBC major networks we have Brian Williams exposing cults like the Scientologists and their mind control tactics, so perhaps something will come out in time in the mass media concerning WT Society mind control tactics as well. We can only hope. Enough people in the public sector have to get angry and frustrated enough to make a noise about it and get it attention in major media sectors. The squeaky wheel sometimes gets the oil as they say. Good point you make concerning Alzheimers- here we have segments of our population losing their minds - wishing they had full use of their minds- then on the flipside we have the WT Society and similar cults- STEALING people's minds. Good analogy. It's really criminal.

    MAGOTAN- Exactly. I find the term " homosexual tendencies " insulting as well. Like anyone that's homosexual could prevent those " tendencies "? Jeez, people are born with those needs of having a same sex partner and the WT Society perceives it as a sin. Ridiculous.

    ON THE WAY OUT- Exactly. WT Society just wants JW's to shut up, be quiet and OBEY, period. No thinking for yourself , Jesus and the GB will do your thinkng FOR you and take care of any hassles. Uh-huh. Not in our lifetime, or ANY lifetime.

    EUSTACE- I really like your illustration there of the man drowning and ignoring his common sense messages he should have perceived and understood. So very true how organized religion or cults dumb down their members to not think or use their minds. Good point about Fred Franz, his treatment of his nephew WAS hateful really, abhorrent. I agree on the shunning being pushed by the WT Society, it really DOES make those inside the organization even MORE controlled than they were before. WT Society is trying to close their ranks tightly right now. WT Society constantly tries to turn JW's into unemotional, obedient robots who show no human compassion or empathy. It's really scary and sad at the same time.

    BAVMAN- Isn't it amazing how our JW relatives look at US like WE are the crazy ones- when in actuality THEY are the ones who keep believing the lies of the WT Society and waste their entire lives on a fantasy pipedream ? I'm sorry your family treated you that way. At least you have your freedom of mind intact. If you are still dealing with these folks, hang in there my friend, it's tough- I know, I've got lots of JW relatives still in the organization. It's like walking on eggshells constantly or minefields- take your pick.

    ABIBLESTUDENT- Yeah, I think many of us here have been, or ARE getting zapped by the " shun gun " still. My two adult JW daughters have shunned me for about 9 years now. It gets tiring, but I won't ever give up hope that they'll change some day. It keeps me going.

    RETROVIRUS- Exactly. Good point. These JWs already have ingrained into their minds that obeying the WT Society is the same as obeying God. WT Society IS God to these people. So if the WT Society ( or God ) commits crimes- it's easy for Witnesses to excuse it in their minds because obviously- God never sins right ? Really twisted.

    BILLY the EX-BETHELITE- WT Society keeps trying to make JW's feel responsible for crimes that WT Society leaders commit ! By telling JW's that they misinterpret or misunderstand everything - WT Society nullifies or makes JW's critical thinking ability non-existent or constantly in a " neutral " gear so their minds never get used and WT Society crimes won't be exposed to the rank & file. It's mind control tactics at it's worst. WT leaders don't care about the Bible or following Jesus example- they just care about their power, control, and attaining money- lots of it.

    SCARY 21- EXACTLY. I mean nobody can change who they are sexually- it's an inborn trait or desire. I agree WT Society is becoming God Jehovah more everyday !

    WTWIZARD- Good point about the WT Society treating people abusively then telling them they misunderstand to just keep them connected to the cult. Being homosexual is not a " problem ", it's a born-in desire that people have which can be just as fulfilling in a happy relationship with homosexuals as heterosexuals in happy relationships. It's really a non-issue, but the WT Society MAKES it an issue. Of course- WT Society makes issues out of everything so it's not surprising.

    YADDA YADDA 2- Indeed classic " priestcraft " . LOL ! I'd actually call WT Society tactics " witchcraft " ! Actually - I've known witches who are a hell of a lot nicer than WT leaders !

    XBEHERE- You make a very good point. Elders don't really care when listening to ex-elders stories. In their own minds if a person stops pioneering, being a ministerial servant, or being an elder- they already look at this person as " spiritually weak " or " unfit " so they pre-judge this person as spiritual pondscum. It's like the elders even cringe in being in the same presence as that person or even shaking their hand thinking they'll catch the " disease " of " unspirituality " ! I know- I used to be on the receiving end of that treatment and elders get scared to death they'll catch our " spiritually weak cooties. " It's actually kind of funny and sad at the same time- just ridiculous. Shows how deep the WT Society mindset goes. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    UNDERCOVER- Thats a really good point you have. A JW could just reply back to the elders" I'm good with God, thanks, I'll handle it now. " I like that, pretty cool.

    TIKI- Good point you have, and THAT is the same point I'm trying to get across here- that by the WT Society claiming that JW's just don't understand or get it, it opens the door for WT representatives to engage in even more unethical or criminal behavior without being brought to task for that behavior. It's totally what they call " crazy-making " tactics by WT Society leaders and the writing comittee. Designed to drive JW's even more insane than they are already ! Fosters more acceptance of money laundering, child abuse, or any other criminal WT Society conduct. Really sick. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • DesirousOfChange

    Jesus will handle congregation needs perfectly and at the right time.

    But what about Jesus seeing that the one who has been treated unjustly or who has been abused gets justice/safety. Evidently, like the WTS, as long as the Cong is doing OK and sending in the required level of contributions, to hell with anything that happens to the R&F member. Just GET OVER IT!

    OR.............could it be..............that JESUS doesn't have a damn thing to do with the WTS/Congregation?

    Nah. Couldn't be that.


  • 00DAD

    bavman: Also, my ex-father-in-law told me, 'you just need to admit to yourself that you are not thinking correctly'.

    The problem was that you were thinking at all!

    flipper: let's put some real into their reality.

    Oh, I love that! I'm gonna' use it!

  • cobaltcupcake

    Don't trust your heart. Don't trust your mind. Don't trust anyone except the Governing Body.

    It's no wonder we're all traumatized.

  • scotoma

    If someone is upset with the Watchtower they DO need to correct their thinking. But not in the way the Watchtower would have you do it.

    Being upset is natural when someone has misled you. Continuing to upset yourself over these things is irrational.

    A little rational emotive therapy might help.


    "How dare those terrible witnesses predict the end coming in 1975 and then saying it was my misunderstanding."

    Quite simply they did "dare" to go out on a limb. Their failure to predict accurately means that they can't be relied on to make accurate predictions.

    There is no law against religious organizations making wrong estimates about the future. Don't rely on their predictions anymore.

    Cut your losses. Move on.

    Above all avoid doing anything they suggest will help you.

    Being upset is natural when someone has misled you.


    I was thinking incorrectly when I complained about the Elders not telling parents that there was a child molester in our congregation. I guess my perception was flawed when I said they should nort make up rules that are not in the Bible. Great comments everyone. That article is design to teach exactly what OTWO said: " "Even if you are sure counsel was wrong or someone overstepped their boundaries, STFU and obey. Jesus will straighten it out if necessary."

    I was also wrong to suggest that nowhere in the Bible is there any support for sitting on your hands and doing nothing. Queen Ester took action to do what she could. So did all courageous people. When they had done all they could personally do, THEN they left the matter in YHWH's hands. There is no basis for putting forth zero effort against wrongdoing or corruption. Of course I am not allowed to run michrophones, so my perception must be off...

    This article gives corrupt leaders a free pass to do whatever they want, and say whatever they want. If are right hearted, and a lesser one then you will continue to give Jesus your money and be quiet...

  • BluesBrother

    "For Those Loving Jehovah There is no Stumbling Block" - The article is found in the March study edition

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