Republican Party is pretty much done!

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  • free2beme

    After leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses, I started getting in to politics. I naturally found myself going Republican and voted a long those lines. However, with my more Pagan nature and being pretty much against Christianity. I found I did not exactly fit with that party. So I looked at the Democrats, as they are pretty much the party of anything goes and don't give a crap what you do or think. As long as you will vote Democrat, you are acceptable ... come on in. I found that a little to open door in policy and yet third party parties were an even bigger joke.

    So basically I had to just find who agreed with things I liked and vote for them. So I am pro gun, like small government and that tends to lend itself to the Republicans. But it is so irritating, that the people who believe in these things are also believing it little mythology angels and gods. People who think God allows children to be killed, to complete some grand plan. People who post dumb things on Facebook to ask for prayers and only acknowledge it worked when they a positive result happens and ignore all the bad tims that nothing happened. These people are the Republicans and while they support things that matter, they are a joke of people.

    As Democrats breed more and more children who love government support, government control and liberal views of a socialistic society. Republicans and their weapon of pray will start to become less in less. While they spend time judging those wicked gay people and spending time fighting them, while they fight to control how people use their body and take down all those evil pot smokers. The Democrats will grow and people will find they like the party of anything goes and that will bring down the Republicans more and more.

    I actually doubt a Republican will be President again, and feel sorry for any man or woman who runs on that ticket. Because that party is done, done and more done. Frankly it is sad, but maybe they should pray on it and some angels will leave heaven and make sure Democrats loss. Otherwise, unless they become a party with less Christian mythology ... they were just plain, done! And frankly that is sad.

    Politics suck!

  • OnTheWayOut

    Republicans are not done. People in the USA believe only in the two parties. When one doesn't make it quite right, they turn to the other. This ping pong is exactly what the rich fat cats want.

    Mitt Romney did the impossible, almost. Now that B. Obama is secured in history as a success, who's next for the Dems? Hilary, Joe Biden? Watch out for Republican gains as the Barack recovery continues to slow crawl and as local government budgets are stretched to the extreme over misused funds in the past and no money to pay for already-promised pensions and for infrastructure repair. They will blame the Dems and consider the Repubs again.

    You have a point about Republicans and God. I think it's kind of sick that a party embraces so many varied things like belief and birth control and gun control and fiscal issues and the like. Dems do it too. I happen to be a liberal with many conservative views on guns and government and spending. Have you considered Libertarians? Have you considered just being independent and recognizing that the right candidate might need to be a Republican, yet not really following all their religious crap?

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    I feel your pain. Republicans belong to the dark ages. Democrats are always trying to emulate socialist Europe. Libertarians have no chance of ever getting a seat even in the bus. Politics sucks.

  • WTWizard

    I do not believe in having the kind of handouts we now have. Welfare is supposed to be to help one get back on one's feet, while they are being developed so they can become free from it. Whether that be training in work, assistance in starting a profitable business, or becoming proficient in using magick to attract wealth, welfare recipients should be helped to become independent from it and not to abuse the programs. I also believe certain categories of items should not be available using welfare--particularly things like cigarettes and scratch-off tickets that do nothing more than waste resources. But, safeguards need be installed to prevent this from spreading to "junk food", then "food" that is good for you but the Establishment [Rockefeller] doesn't want you to have, then used to steer people into even worse wastes of funds.

    However, I am not in favor of the kind of xian government we now have. The kind of philo-Semitism that involves having virtually every judge, governor, senator, or policy maker among the 0.2% of the population that has a long-running hatred for everyone else (going back to Moses' time) or that causes us to give Isra-hell handouts after they just initiated attack against Palestines has to go. We cannot have a government that hides the truth under "political correctness". Also, government that bashes gay people or places women in lower classes is not acceptable.

    I don't see either party doing its job. The Re-PUKE-licans only work to encourage philo-Semitism and philo-Christi-SCAM-ity, both of which lead to problems (remember Nixon's philo-Semitism in the fall of 1973 after Israel destroyed the SS Liberty in 1967?). This pxxxes off nations that we are dependent on, which led to the 1973-74 Energy Crisis. Do we want another energy crisis? They never seem to unburden businesses that compete with the Establishment. Instead, they protect hard core religion. This is what leads to our "political correctness" crap today. To me, "politically correct" means "ready to be enslaved".

    The DUMP-o-CRAP party is no better. They pass excessive regulations. They believe in direct intrusion. Gun control, ceding to the United Nations, and free handouts without opportunity for improvement rule that party. To me, they are to communism what the Re-PUKE-licans are to Christi-SCAM-ity. Neither are any good. We need a platform where "politcal correctness" is frowned on in favor of truth. We need to get to the bottom of problems even if these lie where we don't want them to. We need both Christi-SCAM-ity and communism to lose support. We need a platform where each person stands on their own merit, given ample opportunity. If we were given such a platform, most of these political debate wars would cease as well, since politics would involve identifying problems and their sources, and eliminating them.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    There will be a republican president again. There are several Bush's out there and they are

    expert at stealing elections.

  • truth_b_known

    After leaving the evil empire, I also got involved in politics. I have been a campaign advisor on multiple elections. I also am a Republican. I live in a conservative state in the most conservative county. No democrat has held any office in my county in over 20 years.

    I also agree with the original poster. As a born-again aethist/agnostic, the Christianity portion of the conservative Republicans annoys the hell out of me. However, the fiscal conservatism and limited government philosophies I support 100%.

    I believe that Mitt Romney was the absolute worst of all the Republican presidential candidates for the 2012 election cycle. I agree with most of Phil Ryan's political views, except his social ones. I am outraged at the Republican party for handing the voters that turd of a ticket.

    What upsets me the most is the bait-and-switch tactics used by the democrats to win the presidential election. Sure, it worked, but let's get serious; Our country is in financial shambles and the main topic of discussion is birth control? 16 trillion in debt and climbing, millions unemployed, more and more Americans going on welfare, and the spotlight moves to birth control?

    When I actually went to the polls to vote I almost voted for the Libertarian presidential candidate. Call me a fool, but Herman Cain spoke more to me than Mitt Romney. Our U.S. Tax Code needs to be scrapped and the Federal Reserve and its fiat monetary systems needs to be eliminated.

    Here's the reality; in 2014 we'll see another polar shift like we saw in 2010. Remember, the Office of the President has power, but the true power lies with the legislative branch of government. Presidential executive orders are not and will never be law. Just like social issues favored the democrats in the presidential race, look for 2nd Amendment issues push more Republicans into legislative office come November 2014.

  • james_woods

    The two parties ebb and flow in 8 to 12 year cycles. They will be back in due time.

    What I think would be beneficial is the emergence of a socially libertarian, non-religious, and financially conservative third party.

    I think many people have voted for Obama not because they like his leftist policy (and debts) but because they are tired of the fundamental religious connections of the Republicans. I strongly suspect that Romney could have won the last election if he had not been a Mormon.

    I also think that the Republicans have for the most part left behind true financial conservative values - many Republicans are just as big-government, big-spending advocates as the Democrats. They just advocate different programs.

  • sir82
    I strongly suspect that Romney could have won the last election if he had not been a Mormon.

    Really? I'm not as well read as I should be, but I don't recall reading anywhere that his religion had any effect on the outcome. Do you have any sources which indicate religion played any sort of role?

    In my opinion, the same people who would be disinclined to vote for someone because "he's a Mormon" are pretty much the same people who believe "Obama is a Muslim". I would have to think, for such folk, "Mormon" is the lesser of 2 evils.

  • wasblind

    As Democrats breed more and more children who love government support, government control and liberal views of a socialistic society._______Freetobeme

    That's the mindset that got Republicans in the hole they are in today.

    They don't see the 99% as Americans who only want good jobs so they

    can be independant of government issued meals. To be able to afford

    decent livin' conditons , and the ability to afford heath care


  • moshe

    80% of the US population lives in urban areas and Democrats cater to the needs, desires and fears of that population. Republicans are more popular outside of the cities- their base is more independent of government controls/welfare and likes it that way.

    2012 election- purple is an even mixture of both parties-- Times change- when I was a farm kid in the 50's it was said that no president could get elected without the support of the farm vote- by 1964, that was no longer true anymore and we can see how little clout farmers have in congress today.

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